chapter 23

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*3rd person POV*

Everest sat on the couch contemplating what she just said to him. He hurt knowing that when she and Greyson needed her, he was not there. He was never one to cower behind, he always took action but seeing greyson and mia in that state was painful.

He did not want her to forgive kenzi. Before he had the time to word what he was feeling, Greyson got up from his bed and walked towards her.

"Mia, you are selfless, sweet and kind. Unfortunately I know you did not have the greatest childhood, and when you feel ready Fluffy and I are here to listen to your story," he said, letting out a small smile. "You should never allow people to treat you the way Kenz did. I appreciate that you search for the good in every situation, but you should also take into account the bad. When you were hurting, he put you in more danger, he, the man who should protect you, hurt you." "I have known Mackenzie all my life, I love him and have loved him for years. I m not ready to forgive him and you should not either,"

Mia glanced down and a single tear dropped from her eye. "I never had someone love me, and now i have three people, i can't lose one i cannot be the reason that i have someone less in my life, if he leaves then slowly you both leave," she whispered.

"angel girl, he did not leave, he would come back the second we allow him. You need to set boundaries, you need to know that no one has the right to treat you the way he did," Everest said, his heart breaking over her confession.

"He does not know what he is doing, he doesnt know how to be a caregiver, he is not like you Everest," she said, trying to defend the man she loves.

" I am not either, but i know better than to hit you when youre already hurt," Greyson said

"It's your decision, Mia,"

The hours following their talk in the morning were filled with doctors nurses and last minute checks. Greyson would have his lab results and blood work in a few weeks, and Mia would come back around the same time to get her stitches removed. They signed release forms and by 5 pm, they were heading back home. Everest felt the weight lift of his shoulders when the car reached the mansion's gates but dread filled instead. He thought about Mia and Mckenzie throughout the car ride and the room stained with blood awaiting them back home.

When the car reached the doors, Everest got out first and gently picked up Mia and placed her on his hip, he rubbed her back gentilly to calm her down in case she got nervous. Greyson stepped out as well giving the two a wide smile to ease the tension.

Everest then thanked his driver, and started to climb the stairs reaching the big wooden doors. He placed his thumb on the pad, and the door let out a beep welcoming them in.

Instead of being greeted with their usual foyer, a much different scenery awaited them.

"What the hell," Greyson said slowly, looking around.

Hundreds of balloons fell from the ceiling, rose petals littered the ground, soft music filled the air. Pink and purple colours filled the room. A huge rose arch was centrered in the middle of the room.

Out of the colours, emerged kenz, he was dressed in a suit yet his blond hair sat like a nest atop his head, his blue eyes were red indicating a night without sleep shedding a lot of tears, in his hand a little box wrapped around it a bow tie.

"Welcome home my angel," he whispered looking at Mia.

"And you too Grey," his eyes left Mia and reached Greyson.

Greyson flexed his jaw and rolled his eyes.

"I am sorry, I am so sorry My darling girl. I cannot begin to explain the pain I feel for breaking your trust, but I have something I want to give you," He looked down at the box in his hands and signaled for Mia to come closer.

Unhesitatntly, she pushed away from Everest motioning to let her go. He, on the other hand, took his sweet time placing her down.

Mia walked eagerly to Kenz excited for her gift.

Kenz bent down and with the most gentil movements brought his hand to her cheek and cupped her face while caressing her soft rosey cheeks with his thumb. He looked at her in adoration as she rubbed her face on his palm and completely melted into his touch.

"My sweet Mia, My sweet angel girl," he whispered.

He removed his hand and redirected it to the box, "look what i got you," he handed her the box and Mia eagerly opened it. After removing the bow tie and removing the top cover, she let out a little gasp at what lay inside. She looked at her gift mesmorised by its details. A necklace of a golden angel. The angel's wings was dressed with the shiniest pink diamonds, and between the angels hands was a pink heart engraved with Our Angel.

She removed it out of its box and looked at Kenz who had teary eyes. "That night in the hospital," his voice broke "I learnt the true feeling of heartbreak, for a split second, i was in immense soul shattering pain," "then," he looked into her eyes , "i was euphoric, when i saw you take in a breath, when i was told by the Nurse that you are safe, I never felt this happy before," "you are my angel, Mia and i will count every grain of sand and hike all the mountains if that's what it takes for you to forgive me,"

Mia's head raced with so many emotions, her head rang with the words of Everest. She looked at the necklace amazed by its beaty.

"So?" Asked Mckenzie.

"So?" Mia replied, confused.

"Do you forgive me, Angel?"

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