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Once the two had arrived to the arena, Scott felt his heartbeat rise, he swallowed hardly and got up to the arena, it wasn't much, after all, it was just pebbles lined up against one another. Maybe so that we stay in while fighting other wise one of us would slip up and get killed, Scott thought, huffing in anger.

He heard the door open and saw Fwhip enter the arena followed by his sister, mother and father. Scott shuddered when seeing the other glare at him before taking his place, more and more people had come and Scott casted a glance of sympathy towards the Flower kingdoms queen, she looked taken aback.

He saw the Ocean kingdom's queen with her daughter and her boyfriend, who was incredibly shorter than her, she's like, what, eight foot and he's fucking five foot-nine! Scott thought, he shook it off and kept on taking worried breaths.

Jimmy came in after everyone was here and stood on the opposite side, he looked at Scott with hurt and Scott nodded to him, it hurts to fight a someone you love, especially when people ask you guys to fight to the death . . . Scott flinched when hearing the Ocean queen clap for silence, 'Here, we have the Ice kingdoms prince and the Ocean kingdoms prince, both skilled fighters, today, we tasked them to fight until one gives up for dies, whoever wins will be superior to the other!' She declared earning cheers from the rulers except for the Flower kingdoms queen.

'They shall now get ready as the fight is going to start soon,' she nodded before heading back to her place, Scott saw his father looking at him with a stern look, he shuddered and looked at Jimmy with desperate eyes, Jimmy looked back and sighed, I didn't want to do this . . . Scott thought, But I have a trick, I don't care if I get kicked out from my kingdom, I'd rather be with you, live a life with you, Jimmy, I love you so much . . .


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