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Scott sighed and heard the whistle blow, Scott attacked first, going for Jimmy's knees but purposely dodging them, swiftly turning back around to face the other again. Jimmy went for Scott's head earning a clang between the two swords, Scott stumbled back and attacked once again, another clang happening, cheers were filling the crowd. It went like that for a long time, both attacks missing until Jimmy accidentally cut Scott's arm earning a shriek of pain from the other.

Scott for a second shut his eyes and felt himself shudder, rethinking a tactic.

He pushed Jimmy back with his sword causing the other to gasp and fall to the floor, he he,d the blade at Jimmy's throat and sighed, his hands shaking with shock and sadness. He didn't kill the other, nor did he even press it harder on the other's throat causing it to bleed, he held it there, looking at the blonde with hurt in his eyes.

He nodded to the blonde and raised the sword down, he held out his heard and gasps and mutters were heard in the crowd, Scott's father stood up and growled, Scott ignored it, still having a hopeful look upon Jimmy. Jimmy took his hand and stood up, he smiled softly to the blonde and looked at his father in annoyance.

'What's this?' He growled, the Ocean queen looked at Jimmy in disappointment, 'I gave you one more chance and you do . . . this?' She looked at him with anger filling her gaze, however, neither flinched nor backed away, the they stood there with sword in one hand and another resting on the other's hand. Scott held his sword at his fathers stomach and hissed, 'Don't think I know why the two kingdoms are enemies,' he hissed at his father, letting go of Jimmy's hand.

His father started breathing hurriedly and he stared at Scott with pleading eyes, 'P-Put the sword down mister!' He hissed, trying to act menacing to the other, 'Fine, but you can't keep on claiming each kingdoms are enemies, figure out the differences and forget the past, focus on the future!' He sighed, he lowered the sword and encased it again. The king looked at the queen, the two sighed and nodded, 'Fine, we'll . . . try . . .' They both muttered, Scott smiled and hugged Jimmy tightly.

'I told you this could work out one day!' He giggled, Jimmy lightly grabbed his chin and kissed the other on the lips, Scott kissed him back and both laughed when hearing the cheers and gags in the crowd.

'I love you Jimmy,' Scott smiled softly, starting to tear up, 'I love you too Scott, we shall rule the Ice kingdom together . . .' Jimmy nodded and the two hugged each other tightly, both smile's never disappearing. They loved each other, and will that ever change? Never.

The End

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