40. Mystery Spot

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♪ Heat of the moment ♪

Sam and Cassidy's eyes snapped open and they sat up in bed.

♪ Telling you what your heart is ♪

"Rise and shine, Sammy, Cassi!" Dean called as he sat on the other bed and tied his shoes.

Sam frowned. "Dude. Asia?"

"Come on, you two love this song and you know it," Dean replied.

"Yeah, and if I ever hear it again, I'm gonna kill myself."

Dean turned up the volume. "What? Sorry, couldn't hear you."

♪ It was the heat of the moment ♪

Dean started bopping along and Sam shook his head while Cassidy rolled her eyes.

♪ Heat of the moment. Heat of the moment. Showed in your eyes ♪

In the bathroom, Dean gargled loudly.

"Whenever you're ready, Dean," Sam said.

Dean pulled out a black bra. "This yours? Cassi, is this yours?"

Cassidy shook her head and rolled her eyes while Sam glared.

Dean laughed, rummaged in the bag and pulled out a gun. "Bingo."

He went past Sam and Cassidy to the door as Dean asked, "Now who's ready for some breakfast?"


The door chimed as Sam, Dean and Cassidy entered.

The cashier gave Mr. Pickett some change. "Drive safely now, Mr. Pickett."

"Yeah, yeah," Mr. Pickett replied.

The cook in the background called, "Order up."

Sam, Dean and Cassidy found a booth.

At the counter, a waitress said, "Can't stay unless you order something, Cal. You know the rules."

Cal passed her some change. "Some coffee."

Dean noticed a poster on the wall. "Hey. Tuesday. Pig-in-a-poke."

"You even know what that is?" Sam asked.

A waitress, Doris, walked up to their booth. "You boys and girl ready?"

"Yes," Dean replied. "I'll have the special, side of bacon and a coffee."

"Couple pancakes and a coffee with lots of cream and sugar," Cassidy told Doris.

"Make it three coffees and a short stack," Sam said.

"You got it," Doris answered.

Dean looked at his brother. "I'm telling you, Sam, Cassi, this job's small fry. We should be spending our time hunting down Bela."

"Okay, sure, let's get right on that - where is she again?" Sam retorted.

"Shut up."

"Look, believe me, I want to find her as bad as you two do. In the meantime, we have this." He pulled out some papers.

"All right, so this professor."

The headline on the newspaper clipping read 'MISSING - DEXTER HASSELBACK LAST SEEN IN BROWARD, FLORIDA'

"Dexter Hasselback was passing through town last week when he vanished."

"Last known location?"

"His daughter says he was on his way to visit the Broward County Mystery Spot," Cassidy answered.

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