Chapter 8 (Edited)

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I woke up to someone poking and kissing my cheeks. I looked up to see the culprit and it was non other than Aries.

"How long have I slept for"I asked him standing up and he too stood up.

"20 minutes"he said and I nodded. I'm still sleepy.

"We are getting out of here for a night until our uncles comes so grab your bags we are going to a hotel" Aiden said

"Wait come here Ali"Aid said and I walked to him.

He turned me around and did my hair that was all over the place, he put it into a bun.

"Okay now we can leave" he said and took three suitcases, Ari too took three suitcases leaving me with none. I shrugged and picked my backpack and my macbook before following them outside to officer John's car.

"Get inside"John said and we both got inside the car.

"So which hotel am I taking you to?"he asked.

"The nice and nearest one"Aid said and we set off.

"But why not our hotels"Ari asked. Yep they have many hotels here in Spain not only hotels even clubs, casinos, restaurants and other companies

"We need to keep a low profile so the uncles don't get suspicious"he said

"Oh okay"Ari said

Aid and Ari started talking and I zoned out looking outside the window. You see even though I lived with them for three years. It's like we've grown living together under the same roof I mean the way they care for me, the way they love me and I love them, the way they trust me by telling me their biggest secrets, the way we support each other, the way we joke around each other and the way we sometimes fight. I love them and I trust them but I can't tell them about anything related to our dad even if I want to, I don't want to put them in danger. Sometimes I'm scared that maybe one day I will have to live them.


We got to the hotel about an hour ago. John went back to the police station. The hotel is nice but a little bit luxurious and a bit expensive for one night. We booked only one room meaning we are sharing. The room is big and there's a king sized bed in the middle which could fit the three of us. We didn't unpack anything since we will be leaving tomorrow morning.

"I'm going to shower first"I said to my brothers who were on the bed and they nodded. I opened my suitcase and took out my black jeans and a black hoodie after that I went to the bathroom and did my business.

After I was done, I went back to the room to see my brothers already on the bed I walked to them and jumped on the spot between them resting by my stomach.

"What's wrong with you"Ari asked.

"I'm tired and hungry"I said.

"Okay wait a bit, Ari will go shower and then I, after that we will go downstairs for dinner yeah?"Aid said.

"Okay wake me up when you're done"I said before I slept.


"Ali wake up let's go"Aiden said

"Okay I'm up let's go"I say and was about to go out the door when I remembered something or rather someone.

"Where's Ari?"I asked Aiden

"He went to reserve a table for us"he said.

"Okay" I said and went out the door before closing it and followed Aiden.

The hallway was simple there were doors to each room in between was either a painting or a table. At the end was a lift. Aiden pressed the button and the lift opened.

We got inside and pressed the 1st floor button, the lift started moving. I looked around to see if there were any cameras or mics and thankfully there was none.

"Do you wonder what our uncles are like and do you even know who they are?"I asked Aid without looking at him leaning my back on the elevator wall.

I felt his gaze on me before he answered "Yeah I do wonder sometimes but what do you mean by who they are?"he said

"Rossi...they are the Rossis, the American Mafia"I said calmly and looked at his wide shocked eyes that were already looking at me.

"WHAT!?"he shouted and I nodded.

"Yes brother they are the American Mafia the Rossi's"I said

"But how did you find out"he asked

"I hacked into their files"I say. I know I shouldn't have told him that but they needed to know who they were living with else their lives will be in danger and I didn't want that.

"YOU WHAT!? B-but but how?"he asked

"Don't worry about how I did that brother and I'm sorry for not telling you guys some things about me right now, I just... can't tell you even if I want but you will find out everything soon I don't want to put you guys in danger I'm sorry." I say sincerely and just in time the elevator door opened and I got out followed by Aiden who was in a daze.

There was a chandelier hanging from the ceiling in the middle and many tables which people sat on.

We looked around no, I looked around for Aries.

"Hey right here"Ari shouted waving his hand for us to see, people were looking at him like he was crazy.

"Aid... Aid... AIDEN. Let's go Ari is there"I snapped Aid out of his daze and he looked at me.

"We are not done talking yet we will continue later" he said and we walked to the table were Ari was with people's eyes on us. I mean l can't blame them we were wearing jeans and t-shirts while everyone wored dresses and suits. But we actually didn't care at all.


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