Chapter 10 (Edited)

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"Let's start with you brother Aid"I say looking at Aid

"How do you know how to hack?"he asked

"Dad taught me"

"Where is he?"

"I'm not sure "it's true I don't know where he is right now but one thing is for sure, he is not in Italy.

"What does he work as?"he asked watching me careful to see if I will give anything away. No brother I won't I'm not stupid.

"A CEO of his companies" well it's true, he owns many companies, restaurants, casinos, clubs etc not only in Italy but around the world. My dad is super rich like rich rich. I know what Aid wants to know, he wants to know whether dad is involved with the mafia stuff.

"Is he in the..."he said before I cut him off

"No no brother your questions are up, now let's hear yours Ari"

"How long did you take to break through the American Mafia's fire walls?"he asked excited

"15 minutes"I say

"WHAT!? 15 F*CKING MINUTES IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE" he shouted, he was shocked even Aid was

"Another question please" I say

"Do the uncles know that we are the Spanish mafia?"

"No they don't, not now at least. They just know there's the Spanish mafia but they don't know the leader and you guys have signed their peace treaty so even if they know there's no problem. But I'll suggest that you don't tell them now maybe tell them later but it's up to you I'm just giving a suggestion."

"Yeah I too think it will be better if we tell them later"Aid said

"Okay last question" I say to Ari

"I don't have any more question to ask you"he said

"Okay I will ask the last one for him"Aid said and I nodded.

"Is our father in the mafia"he asked looking at me intensely even Aries they were both waiting for my answer.

"No"I replied. I didn't lie to them, my dad I mean our dad is not in the mafia he is the mafia. There's a huge difference, people who are in the mafia are those who work under it but my dad I mean our dad rules it and those people who are in the mafia works for him. I don't know if I make sense.

"Okay thanks for answering honestly hermana let's go to sleep" Aid said.

I layed down in the middle of the bed with my back to it both my brothers were at the sides and we cuddled.

"Goodnight brothers"I said and I fell asleep cuddled to my brothers but not before I heard them saying goodnight and kissing my forehead.



"Hello doll"someone said. The rusty cell door was pushed open causing a scrappy noise which echoed through the basement. I look at the man who was walking towards me, he looked to be in his early 30s. That's all I could see due to the lack of light. There was only one bulb hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room.

This cell has an unpleasant smell,I  wonder how many people died in here *shudders* I want to get out of here. It's been a week since I was captured and my dad must be on his way to here since it usually takes a week for him to find me. I went out with my dad's assistant secretly to buy an oreo shake the next thing I know I was gagged and tied up in the back of the van.

I know I should be scared or something but I'm not, why? because being kidnapped is like a yearly thing for me. It happens when your dad has many enemies that dream of seeing his downfall and you're seen as his weakness.

"So small girl I want us to cooperate okay. I will ask you questions and if you don't answer them there will be consequences" he says and walks over a table full of knives and other things that are used for torture. It's not my firsts time being kidnapped so I know of these things. My dad's torture devices are way more painful that what these people use.

Pfft... I don't think those things will make me talk.

"Let's get started small girl" he said coming so close to me that I could feel his bad breath. It's like he hasn't bathed nor brushed his teeth for like hundred years. I swear the torture isn't the one that's gonna kill me rather his bad smell well. He crouch down to my height.

I feel the tip of the knife touching my left arm. "Question one. Where's that asshole of a father" he said pressing the knife deeper causing it to cut my skin, he went up my shoulder. Blood was coming out of the wound but I still kept quiet.

"The more you resist answering my question the more painful it will be." Pain? Oh please I'm immune to physical pain. Thanks to my dad's torture trainings. My dad's torture was the most painful but he made mine extra more painful he wanted me to be immune to pain like him and it actually worked cause I never fell pain when I'm tortured now even when it was by him.

"No offense dude but when was the last time you bathed cause you smell like a rotten dead dog" I say and he was mad.

"I tried to go easy on you but you crossed the line small girl" he said and poured alcohol to my wound. But no reaction from me made him shocked.

"Why ain't you reacting"he said.

"That's none of your business."I say and he slapped me hard on the cheek.

"You just like that father of yours"he sneered

"Why thank you, you ain't the first person to say that"I say by now I was free from the robes that were tied to me, I was loosing them while he was distracted.

"You know, two can play this game, any last words?"I smirked still not giving away that I was free from the robes.

"What do u mean by that"

"I will take that as a no. See you in hell dude"I say quickly standing up, grabbing a knife from the table and slitting his throat open. This feels good.

The dude's men came inside and they were shocking to see their leader laying dead on the floor and a 10 year old with blood all over her face holding a bloody knife.

"Aah you just in time gentlemen, let's get started" I smirked and within 5 minutes they were all lying dead on the ground. I sat on the ground waiting for my dad and just in time he arrived.

"You good baby"he asked kissing my forehead and I nodded.

"Let's go"he said



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