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August laid on Alexus' chest, sleeping peacefully

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August laid on Alexus' chest, sleeping peacefully. He had been clung to her since he came over the night before. He was always like this with her.

"Are you sure that Alyssa knows that I'm around him," Alexus asked Von who had just gotten out of the shower, starting to finish up his hygiene routine.

"I'm sure she okay with it. You around him any other time. Baby its okay," he looked at er for a moment before continuing his process.

"Are you okay with me bathing him," she questioned.

"Yes. You don't have to ask me that. You don't have to ask me about anything Lexxi. I know you fell in love with him when you met him," Von chuckled a little.

"I do though. And I'm still going to ask."

"Uggh acoo," they heard baby sounds and loooked over at Daylen in his bassinette with only a diaper on.

"Finish getting him dressed, and I'll get August ready," Lexxi told Von, and he nodded. He rolled Daylen's bassinette out of the large bedroom, talking to him like he could actually understand.

"Tookie," she shook August a little, and he started to squirm. He slowly opened his eyes.

"Time to get up," he said and she nodded.

"Are you okay with me helping you get dressed," she asked the small boy.

"That's okay Lexxi," he said, and she nodded going to turn on his bath water.

She turned on some music from Cocomelon on the speaker system in the bathroom, before taking his clothes off and placing him in the tub.

He mumbled the words to the songs as she cleaned him, and then lifted him out of the bathtub. She let the water out and proceeded to lotion him down, and then put on his clothes.

"Y'all ready," Dayvon yelled into the bathroom, and August jumped a little. The sudden voice scaring him.

"He is, I'm about get dressed now," she walked out of the bathroom, holding Augusts' hand.

"You clean lil folks," Von smiled, and his diamonds glistened.

"Me cute Lexxi," August tilted his head at her.

"Yes, you are very handsome Tookie," she complimented, called him the nickname she gave him.

While she was cooking the night before, the name came out of nowhere and she decided to stick with it.

"What about me Lexxi? Am I cute," Von tilted his head the same way August did.

"Yes baby, you're cute too," she shook her head going to her closet.

She had already taken her shower and did her hygiene. She just wanted to make sure the kids were together first.

After she got dressed, she walked into her room seeing all three of them engaged in Cocomelon. She felt her heart swell.

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