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two days later

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two days later...

Once they made it back to Atlanta, Alexus made it her business to avoid Dayvon as much as possible.

"I know a nigga that's gone love me for life
He love my mind and I was fucking him right
I had to cut off his lights
I met another nigga he in life
Gave me some racks ain't even gave em the pussy
Say he supported the grind
I found out he playing hubby and wife
You know the drill I took his money and left
I can't be playing the side
I make a nigga put his pride to the side
Talk to him bad cuz ain't no hoe in my vibe
I put my self in a ride
I ain't the bitches sucking dick to survive
Boy I get paid to spend an hour outside
And bae I'm always outside
My new nigga tryna take me to Turks
He in his feelings cuz I don't text him back
Say he ain't tryna get hurt
I met a owner around the corner
He eating pussy I ain't even put it on him
And the body still smoking marijuana
I got thick baby better yet let me show ya" Lexx rapped along as she scrubbed her body.

Von came to the door, pulling it to find it locked, "Lexx since when you lock the door."

She rolled her eyes and continued rapping," Back to my love
He was playing had a bitch in his home
Talking bout he pimpin boy you doing it wrong
I know a p been fucking with him he can't leave me alone
I gave him pussy now he tryna turn his house to a home umm
I probably let him I don't know
I probably leave him a nigga playing with me know I gotta get even
I don't got feelings yea I know I'm misleading
Seen a nigga this morning seen another this evening."

"Alexus can you unlocked the door please," he pulled at it again.

"AYE, AND I DON'T WANNA RISK ANOTHER NIGGA CHEATIN'. SO I SAY JOIN EM IF YOU CAN'T BEAT EM!" She rapped extra loud because she knew Von was at the door.

Once he stopped knocking and pulling out the door, she rinsed the soap off of her body.

She got out of the shower reaching for her towel to find that it wasn't there.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw it fly up in the air. She turned to look at Von.

"You looking for this," he raised his eyebrows. She snatched it from him.

"I'm so close to beating yo ass," he mugged her.

Do it then bitch wanted to come out of her mouth so bad but she continued to ignore him.

"India wanted Daylen. Her and Durk came over here while you was in the shower," he informed her and she nodded.

"The fuck is wrong with you," he asked. Now fully dressed in her sweats, she didn't answer. She just pushed past him going into her bedroom.

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