a river of tears (not edit)

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Hanna POV

he already has some one..... I thought.

At the moment he turned away my heart broke into a million pices.. I just wanted to die in a hole.... I felt like crying my wolf was already howling in sadness.

Every time he looked back at me i felt like a knife was drived into my stomach which happend more then once.

As we walked through the red smooth doors into the alphas house i assume a tear already escaped my eye but i quickly brushed it aside. He has to have a reason why, i kept saying to myself me and lilly went ahead and sat down on crimson red leather couches.

"So whats brings you here" anna the female alpha said. My wolf growled and wanted to rip her limb from limb! Lilly saw this and answerd for me "we were hoping to find hannas mate so he could help her run her pack and so she could fine happiness" lilly said kind of like she intended to make colt feel bad.

I looked over at colt he just sat there avoiding my gaze. "Sweetheart could you go find Elizabeth" colt said still watching the floor "lilly you should go to" i told lilly. I knew his plan which was to explain to me.

"What why im not going to leve you with this!-" i cut her off by talking to her though mind-link.

Hes going to explain to me

But i want to know too! So i have another reason to beat him up! Lilly protested

Lilly just go ill tell you later i told her and she listen she walked out with anne.

It was silenced for while intell colt finally looked up, i stared into his emreled green eyes he had those eyes you could get lost in.

"Listen" he said hesitateing at first.
"Why?" i asked i was know the one who staring at the floor. "While i was waiting for you my father said that the pack needed a luna, and annas mate had just died....then Elizabeth came along"

He said waiting for my response "you didn't mean to, or did you" i asked agian.
"I did....." he said his voice was hard to make out what he was feeling.

We sat there in silence "you love her" i asked already knowing the answer "i cant lie, i do" he said with no regret in his voice.

I started to chuckle as the tears slid down my face,like a non stop river. I looked up at him "to think i came all the way out here to find my mate only to see he already has some one eles" i said. I couldent stop the tears anymore "i couldent just leve my pack to find you!" he said obviously getting mad now.

"But i did!! I did what you couldent do! I left my family, my friends! Back there to come and find you!" i yelled "i left amy,zack and jackson and countless others to find you! But for what!" i yelled i was standing up now.

"What do you want me to do! Do you expect me to just go with you and drop everything!" he yelled back.

"No becuse i dont need you anymore!, so have fun with your family!" i yelled one more time and left out of the room.

"Hanna wait!-" he grabed my hand. A feeling of sparks went up my arm, it was odd but felt good. I looked at him his green eyes were sparkling. My tears stoped it felt like the world was frozen. We stood there as he held my hand,

All the pain and saddness flowed out of my body. I shook his hand away and the feelings came back i walked out the door
And i never looked back

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