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___ Ellie Rose__

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___ Ellie Rose__

I slowly opened my eyes hearing two voice speaking. My head was pounding so hard fr. My vision was blurry so I couldn't see them clearly.  But their conversation was clear.

"What are you gonna do with her?"

"I don't know"

"What the fuck do you mean by you don't know. Why did you even bought her here? She was living without you na?"

"Leave me alone Amara for fuck sake"


"I'll leave you alone once you answer me. She was safe there Mason but by bringing her here you made her life risky once again"


As soon as I heard that name memory of last night came back.
He doesn't remember me. He doesn't know me. He doesn't remember anything. He acted like I was a stranger to him.

I slowly sat up, my vision was clear now as I saw Mason and Amara standing in the door way. Their eyes on me.

"Hey.. are you okay?" Amara asked rushing towards me. I give her a small smile and slightly nod my head. I look over at cold Mason who was still standing there. He didn't made any move. He was only staring at me. Those eyes held nothing. No love, no anger, no affection.


"Give her something to eat" That's all he said and left the room. I was expecting at least few words from him. I felt tears slowly rolling down my cheeks as I kept staring at the doorway wishing he would come back. Taking me in his arms he will tell me how much he missed me in those 7 years.

I want all my answers. Where was he in those 7 years? Why did he left me like that? Everything.

And Amara? She knew where Mason was. But she hide that from me. Why? Thousands of questions were running in my mind. And I'm going to get my answers no matter what.

"How are you feeling now?" Amara asked sitting next to me.

"Better" I mumble without looking at her. I was trying my best not to blast onto her. She opened her mouth to speak but nothing comes out.

"You woke up after 1 week" She said making me surprised.

I wake up after 1 week? I'd been unconscious whole week?

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