Alex's hangover

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Kara felt kind of happy being supergirl made her feel more useful than being Kara Danvers. As she enters her apartment she decided to keep her super suit on.

She always wanted to help others and being supergirl gave her that chance.

Walking to her fridge she took a bottle of water. Turning on the television she smiles seeing herself on the screen.

"Once again supergirl saved someone" the lady on the tv says. Kara walks towards her window looking outside.


Alex was sitting on the couch of her apartment holding a bottle of red wine in her hand watching the news. She was drunk very drunk. the oldest Danver's sister had a habit of drinking her problems away. She felt so much anger bottling inside of her. Seeing Kara on the tv she just rolled her eyes.

She had drink every single drop out of the bottle smacking the bottle on the table she decided to get another one out of the fridge.


It was morning and Alex was sleeping on the couch holding an empty wine bottle in her hand. She groans as her alarm goes off. Holding a hand on her head she curses. She needed to see Kara. But as she sees herself in the mirror she decides to wait. Not even caring to clean herself up. Taking her bike keys she runs out of her apartment.


Alex enters the secret DEO cave ignoring the stares the other DEO agents give her. "Alex you look-" "like shit, yeah I know" Alex cuts off her director who sighs.

"Hey director" Kara enters the cave ready to get to work "shit" Alex cures under her breath. " Supergirl you're um... Early didn't Cat need her assistant?" The director addresses her with her superhero name so the other agents don't know her secret identity.

"No, you got some work for me or what?" The superheroine asks wanting to change the subject. "Uh yeah an unknown alien got spot on the metro from the information we got it isn't very friendly"

"Alright let's kick some alien butt" Kara grins as she clenches her fists together.
Her grin instantly changes seeing her big sister. Alex looks her sister in the eyes. Kara didn't know what to feel or say so left.

Alex was left alone as director henshaw and the other agents get to work. "Agent Danver's you aren't in a state to do anything here or out there so go home and take a cold shower" her director commands as he took off.


Kara was on her way flying to the unknown alien. The image of Alex having a hangover kept showing in her mind. She knew it's her fault. "Supergirl" Henshaw shouts causing supergirl to get out of her head. "Right here Hank" Kara answers her earpiece.

"You're almost at our target" the director informs. "Alright I'll make sure it's ready for your agents to get him to his cage" Supergirl replies turning her earpiece off.

As quick as supergirl is she gets down on the metro's roof. Opening the roof shutter of the metro she jumps down right in front of the Alien who was trying to get to a mother and her kids. "Hey you leave those innocent people alone!' the Alien turns his big blue head towards the heroine. "Looka here if it isn't the famous supergirl." The alien growls his eyes were full of fire. "Your mother had me locked up for years in that prison called Fort Rozz and how lucky am I being able to get her only daughter for all that she did to me"

"Well if it's me you want come and get me and leave those humans alone" kara exhaled.

The alien smirks taking something out of his pocket throwing at the heroine who wasn't fast enough to dodge it. "Ah!" As she falls down on her knees she inspects what causes her this intense pain that she felt deep inside of her. It was like nails were running through her blood. The alien didn't give her enough time to inspect herself taking a big jump it clenches itself on her and again she felt the same intense pain. The alien smiles enjoying how the so called brave and invincible heroine was screaming out of pain. "Any last words Kara Zor-el?" "Please take my pain away" the heroine begged wanting her suffering to end. "What?" The alien didn't expected this it gets off Kara and smacks her in the face causing her to fall on the floor of the metro.

"No I won't end your suffering I think you should suffer as long as I had to suffer in that prison"

Kara's ears were ringing and her sight get blurry. "Please let go to my family to my friends to the others" she once again begs but it came out in a whisper causing the alien to laugh.
Supergirl felt her slowly slipping away.
Closing her eyes the heroine was laying down on the floor blood flowing out of her wounds.

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