Sixty Two

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"...and I can't ever talk about it. She said. I can't and I won't. I can only cry or scream it."
~ Sue Zhao

Track 63; Rag Doll by poutyface & K.Flay
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The day after your reconvening with Keigo, Medicine Girl finally gave you the okay to go home. You were overjoyed and dying to be back with Yoshio and Momo. It had been almost two weeks since you had seen them, and Shinso had told you that Yoshio was getting chaotic. He didn't have much free time during the weekdays to stay with them due to his classes at U.A., but he said even on the weekends when he was there all the time, the cat was beginning to howl at the windows.

You felt so bad for him and Momo. You missed them so much, but it was difficult to leave the hospital when your husband was still here. Fortunately for you, he was also recovering rapidly enough that the base of his wings were beginning to sprout from his back. They were small, but the progress was promising enough that the surgeon overseeing his own treatment was willing to let him return home as well. You felt like one more night away from them wouldn't kill them, even if the large gray cat thought otherwise. Keigo was allowed to return home around noon the next day.

Shortly before the two of you fell asleep the night of your release, he admitted to you his backstory. The true one, about his mother and father and how he ended up becoming a hero. It definitely shocked you to say the least, but you were thankful for his honesty and took some time to digest what he had told you. Even if his father had been a murderer, he had been apprehended by Endeavour himself. Yes your husband had killed Twice which was difficult for you to comprehend but there wasn't anything you could do about that. Keigo resembled a hero, not a murderer; so you decided to acknowledge his past but it did not change the way you already looked at him.

There was only one condition on the two of you returning home: you were off of hero duty and required to relax until fully recovered. You didn't mind that at all, and neither did Keigo. It meant the two of you could spend time getting to know one another again without any interruptions. The cats didn't count in that mind, of course. They were always a wonderful blessing to ease any sort of tension that built between the two of you.

Yoshio and Momo greeted you excitedly when you got home. The tomcat couldn't decide who to love on first, so he decided it was fair to weave in between the two of you and rub as hard as he could. In the meantime he also yowled at the top of his lungs, like he was scolding you for the time you spent away. His anger was understandable. Momo was much nicer in her greeting. She lovingly rose up on her back paws and stretched her legs up towards your left thigh, kneading her soft paws against your pants without pricking her nails into your skin. You were thankful they were safe, happy, and healthy when you returned home. Shinso had done a fantastic job watching them for you, so you made a mental note to reward him thoroughly.

The week following your release was unnerving to say the least. You'd come to the decision of sleeping in separate beds again until things had been repaired a bit more. That idea quickly fell through when you were having nightmares that led you to stay awake throughout the night. Yoshio and Momo didn't help at all, even though they tried. You weren't able to get a restful night's sleep until Keigo finally got you to fall asleep beside him.

The bedroom next to the one the two of you shared was slowly being remodeled into a nursery. Nothing had been changed yet but you had at least come up with a good basic blueprint and agreed upon it. He wanted to do it all himself but was obviously not able to until he was fully recovered. The rough draft was rolled up and placed safely in the closet inside said bedroom to store for later use.

Now knowing that you were pregnant helped you uphold the standard of eating healthily, not like you hadn't before. You just added a bit more nutritional standards that were found in the pyramid triangle which did its part. You hadn't brought up what to name the baby and wouldn't until later. It was too early to be able to identify the gender of the baby right now, so bringing up that discussion would be more productive later.

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