episode 3

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Next morning

Everyone was having breakfast when Sidharth entered the house with

his brothers and greeted everyone aslam Ali kum bow down bee jaan she cresses his hairs shah Saaye agay ap

Sid:;jee agay bee jaan

Sam!:;;bethu shah sahab breakfast karlo

Sid;:jee nhi mein breakfast karka Aya hu chai Mera kamrah mein bhaj waden He entered the room fresh up and the face he saw tomorrow was rooming in his mind laiy on the bed thinking clossing who was that girl her eyes was so familiar to me why am I so attracted to her

Suddenly amber entered the room with tea © He saw her and said Tum Mera room mein why . ‘ ide him on

Amb;:bee jaan ne boola hai apko chai Dena ka and sat beside hi © bed Sid;::Kyu sari maids margay hain Kya in stern voice )

Amb;::Kyu ka. Hum apko passand karta hai aur apse nikkah karna she hold her hand and said seducingly 5 He jerks her hands and said ajjj ka. Bad Mera room mein kabhi mat ana

Sid:; sirf iss room hi nhi iss floor pe bhi dekhi hathe pakar kar  dunga samjhi get out now yelled at her Amber runs from there being humiliated and went straight to bee jaan told everything with crockdile tears in her eyes

Beejaan ;:;smirked and said dekhti jaa ab hum Kya kerta haiin apki Shaadi to amber se hi hugi and smirked  On the other side

Shehnaaz entered her mother’s room moved the curtains and was shocked @ to see the scenario in front of her eyes she screens ameeee she saw her mother laiying on the bed lifelessly she took her in her arms cuped her face and again started shouting amee apko.kya hugay zubi And mahum come running and both said api amee ko Kya hugaya hai

Sh;:kuch nhi hua amee ko theek hujaygi woh ambulance boolao jaldi

Zubi dialled ambulance no and soon ambroom ulance was there took

her to hospital they all hug each other

Doctor;:come out and said Ap apna papa ko bool ley apki amee ko

brain hamrag hugaya hai aur woh comma mein chaali gay hai

Sh;: cry's her heart out and took her mother's mobile dialled his father’s no shehnaaz knows about his father'and his family because her mother

told her everything about them except her engagement with Sidharth

Ahm:: picked the call and listing tear rolled from her eyes and he dropped the mobile from his hands sayeda runs to him Kya hua Ahmad shah

Ahm;:;Amna ko said In a crack voice Amna ka brain hamragh hu gaya

hai aur woh comma mein chali gay hain hum jaarah hai apna bachu ka

pass standing from bed koi pucha to boolna shehar kamse gay hain

Say;::jee ap jaya ab bachio ka Kya huga

Ahm;:Allah buhaat bara hai hum abi bachio ka pass jaraha hain Tum

Yaha dhiyan rekhna and went from there

Jhangir and bee jaan called Sidharthh in the room he entered there

room and said

Sid;:AP ne humey boolaya saaye serker

Jh;::han bee jaan apko kuch boolna chaati hain

Beejaan;!:shah saaye hum janta hain apki engagement shehnaaz se bachpan mein hi hugai thi magar unka kuch pata nhi hai ka woh kaha hain isliye hum chata hai Doo din bad apka nikkah amber se kardya jay

aur apka saaye serker bhi yahi chata hain

Sid;:;blood boiled he clucthed his fist but was helpless he have to follow

the orders of saaye serker because he never disobeyed him

Sid;:theek hai hum tayar hai ??iss nikkah

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