Chapter-50|Parent Problems (2)

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Later that evening, I hear a knock on my door, causing me to look up just as the door opens and Grace's head pops in, "Hi, dear

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Later that evening, I hear a knock on my door, causing me to look up just as the door opens and Grace's head pops in, "Hi, dear."

"Hey, Grace," I say, adjusting the small diamond earring to match with my dress.

She walks in and takes a proper look at me before smiling widely, "Oh my. Look how gorgeous you look."

I'm wearing a black tulle dress. The tulle of the dress goes all the way up to cover my chest and wraps around my neck, showing a lot of cleavage, that I'm sure my father wouldn't approve of. I lightly curled my hair but kept the makeup as minimal as possible since the dress is already so extra.

"Thank you so much, Grace."

"Well, certain someone waiting downstairs for you might just drop dead when he looks at you." She says, grinning.

Ethan and I haven't talked about the awkward pause that came in the morning conversation while discussing his future move, but then again, I still haven't talked to him about the Brooke thing. Even though that topic seems tiny right now, considering he flew all the way to New York for me, I still think it'd be a good idea if I told him how I felt about it a few days back.

"He better, considering this dress is very heavy to walk around in." I joke.

Grace chuckles and softly squeezes my shoulder. "I'm sure he'd be appreciative. As far as I can tell, he appreciates you like you deserve to be."

Knowing that her words are true brings a smile to my face. He appreciates me. Not just my looks or the way I dress, but me.

"I can tell he makes you happy. Doesn't he, honey?"

It doesn't even take me a second to reply to her questions. "He makes me the happiest."

"Then, don't let him go." I take a second to think over her words.

Ethan makes me feel the happiest in the world and that's not because he gives me flowers or takes me out, but simply because he exists in the same world as me. Yes, his kisses are a bonus, but his presence alone makes me feel a lot lighter.

"Anyway, your mother is about to come." She informs, bringing me out of my thoughts, "I suggest you accompany Mr. Handsome downstairs as soon as possible."

I instantly know what she means. If my mother met Ethan alone, I do not know what she'll say to him and I'm sure Ethan won't say anything to her, out of respect. But I won't think twice before answering her if she so much as goes left rather than right.

"I'll be there in a second." With a nod, Grace leaves.

I rush around the room to pick up my phone and the clutch before stuffing all my necessities inside it and within a few seconds, I'm walking down the stairs.

Rounding the marble stairs, I come to a sudden halt when I see my mom standing next to Ethan and talking to him.

From this far away, I can't tell what they're talking about, but it couldn't be that bad considering my mom doesn't have a snarl on her face, even though both of them are standing with rigid and tense bodies.

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