Chapter Twenty-Five

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Stephan's Point of View

"Hey honey." My mother had greeted while wrapping her arms around me, holding onto me tightly like she hadn't seen me in years.

"Hey." I mumbled as I hugged her in return. We stood outside of the hospital room that Lana was located inside of. I clutched my bike keys in my hand while my grandfather's guitar pick keyring hugged my index finger, the guitar pick belonged to him it was the last thing he had given me before he died so I turned it into a keyring, that way I would always have it with me even though I don't ride my bike as often anymore. I held onto my bike helmet and followed my mothers eyes to see her staring at it and then she looked up at me and sighed deeply, she hated motorcycles but she mostly hated me riding them, she had always complained when I had came home with injuries in the past because according to her, motorcycles came from the devil himself. My black leather jacket hung comfortably from my body as I smiled at her sigh and then her eyes stared directly at my hair.

Fuck, what now.

"You're hair looks a mess. Lemme me fix it." She said as she had quickly ran her fingers through my locks correcting the mess she had seen in front of her.

"Seriously?" I smiled and then she smiled in return aware of the fact that she was treating me as if I was little kid.

I then opened the hospital room door and stepped aside allowing her to enter first because I'm a gentlemen.

Her red back high heels clicked on the surface of tiles as she stepped inside clutching her oversized Prada bag. Her light hair hung from her head in a ponytail and then her thin lips stretched as she greeted Lana and Toby's parents who stood inside.

I entered behind her and closed the door behind myself once I had strolled into the room. I shoved my keys into my pocket, placed my helmet on the table and then turned to see Toby lounging on a chair that was placed beside the hospital bed Lana was laying in.

"Hello, Stephan honey." Mrs. Hartley said and then walked over to me in order to peck me on the cheek. I then prowled over to Mr. Hartley who was always very quiet and shook his hand firmly while my mother went over to Toby and hugged him so tightly as if he was her son and then she kissed Lana's forward and brushed strands of her hair from her face and then Lana smiled at my mothers warm action.

I saw Lana laying there, weak wearing no make-up at all, looking as if she was emotionally and physically drained.

Her body was halfway covered by a white wooly blanket and medication stood on her bedside table, packets and plastic containers of some sort.

I stepped over to Toby and did the greeting handshake we had made up when we were in high school and then I moved closer to Lana, her eyes stared at me as she smiled small and then I kissed her cheek softly.

"How you doing? You okay?" I asked, genuinely wanting to know how she was.

"Yeah, I'm okay...I feel light headed but overall I'm good." She spoke softly, her voice husky, probably from all the yelling that occurred earlier.

"That's great." I replied and smiled apologetically as I plopped down on the seat beside Toby. I slouched down making myself comfortably and then I smirked awkwardly as I glanced around the room that was in complete silence, nobody said a word for a moment.

"Okay, so now that all three of you are here, let's discuss what had happened because all I know is that Ian tortured my daughter and Stephan shot him." Mrs. Hartley spoke breaking her voice into the air as she stared at the three of us."What happened? Can someone please explain."

"Mom, Ian is mentally ill. He tortured Lana because she didn't love him instead she loved Stephan. So he went to extreme lengths to be like Stephan but still Lana didn't love him, he grew frustrated and then took it out on her." Toby explained with no energy in his tone. I could see that he was just as tired and worn out as Lana.

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