A/N... again :(

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Okay, I'm going to clear this up right now so please, please read and understand with me.

I know what I am writing.

I am educated.

I have plans for this book and I'm going through with them.

I'm not a pedophile nor am I sexualizing babies and little kids.

This book is ddlg... daddy dom little girl...

AND it is ageplay.

I think I am a nice person. I reply to people's comments and take there requests for chapters, I like including my readers and I take my time to write this book so everyone can enjoy...

So to everyone who is nothing but nice fo me, thank you so much. I love you more than you could ever imagine.

But to the people who can't think of anything nice to say, please read!!!

I have said multiple times in this book that it is ddlg and ageplay.


When Sofia is very regressed (like the chapter Baby, where she was almost non verbal) that is ddlg. That is her regressing and feeling safe with her caregiver/daddy.

When she is being touched (like the chapter Beluga) she is playing with ageplay along with her daddy.

I don't want to sound rude, but if you actually read the words and not just what you wanted to read, you would understand that.

Of course a regressed one year old is not having sex.

That makes no sense.

If you don't understand how ageplay works, you should probably look up what it is, because at the end of the day you will realize there is absolutely nothing wrong with my story.

I am honestly getting so sick and tired with all of these hate comments.

I know I don't update that much but when I do, I make sure the work is good. So when I see a chapter full of hate comments, it makes me want to delete the book altogether.

Another thing; if you don't like the book by the first, second, or third chapter, do not read the rest of it. No one is forcing you to.

You don't like it? Okay. I won't take offence to that. Just simply remove the book from your library and carry on with your life.

Starting arguments in the comments or spreading negativity is not needed AT ALL. You are just making this worse on yourself... not to mention you may not like something and comment it, so then the people who reads it and does like whatever you complained about, feels bad about themselves. Again, NOT NEEDED.

I cannot believe it's gotten to this— because I've never done this on any of my books... but I am starting to block my story from people so they can no longer access it.

No, I don't do it after just one comment, it happens to the people who leave ten comments per chapter, every chapter. And before I do block them, I message them and talk to them. If they go back to my story and keep on leaving mean comments, then I block them.

I don't like leaving these chapters in a book you are supposed to enjoy, so again, I'm am sorry to my lovely readers who bring smiles to my face with there amazing comments.

But if you are a reader who leaves nasty comments, take my advice:
Read everything through.
Do your research.
Stop reading the book.

I hope you all have a lovely day/night and a new chapter will be out soon!!


Reegan <3

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