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The Same Day

Big Ben

Hu Tao: Oh oh, where are we going next?

Soap: Any idea, Ghost?

Ghost: Ugh. The museum, maybe.

Ghost was wearing a balaclava mask with skull pattern on it.

I was wearing a black turtleneck with jeans. Hu Tao was wearing red shirt under a coat with shorts.

Hu Tao: Uhm, I don't think you want to go to a museum with that balaclava

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Hu Tao: Uhm, I don't think you want to go to a museum with that balaclava.

Me: Shake.

Soap: Agreed.

Ghost: I'll just show them my military id card.

Soap: Which don't have your face on it.

Ghost: We'll go somewhere else, then.

We started to walk. While walking, I tapped Soap's shoulder and showed him what I wrote on my phone.

"Is his face ugly?"

Soap laughed.

Ghost: What?

Soap: Hey, Ghost. Are you ugly?

Ghost: Quite the opposite.

Soap: I doubt that.

He looked back at me.

Soap: That's your answer.

I gave him a thumb up and he did the same.

Soap: Anyway, let's do some ice breaking.

Hu Tao: Sure.

Me: Shake.

Ghost: Ugh.

Soap: So... How old are you two actually?

Hu Tao: 16.

Me: Shake.

Hu Tao: How about you?

Soap: 27.

Ghost: A friendly reminder that I'm not participating in this.

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