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Lilys POV

Ill tell you later hanna had said through mindlink. I grunted and walked out the door behind anna.

The same little girl with pitch black hair and stunning blue eyes came running towerds anne "mommy! Gusse what!" she sounded so excited and happy. "What sweetheart" anna said and kneeled down eye level with her.

"I cought a red jay!" she said "but then it flew away" she continued. "Thats great sweetie," anna answerd and hold her cheak. The girl giggled, her smile was like a ray of sunshine.

Dark clouds inavded the blue sky. Finally the little girl noticed me "oh hi im Elizabeth and im 5 years old" she said i smiled "hi Elizabeth im lilly" i answerd.

She looked at me "like the flower" she said, i nodded. Another little girl came running and called out to Elizabeth. "come on Elizabeth!" she called out and ran ahead "coming!" Elizabeth yelled and ran after her.

I looked at the sky lighting flashed,i rememberd when i was 5.

I ran as fast as my little legs could, thunder boomed over my head but it wasent louder then the screams. I stoped to catch my breath i looked back and saw my house burning to a crisp. In fact it dident even look like a house on fire it was one big giant flame. But to me it felt like demons taking away everything i had. I looked up at the sky as it started to rain and lighting flashed. But the fire kept going.

I was snapped out of my thoughts as hanna grabed my arm "were going home" she said "hanna wait!" colt yelled behind her. I looked at her face, her eyes were puffy red and her cheaks were stanied with tears.

I growled and walked right back to colt "what did you do to her!" i growled but hanna was holding my wrist. "He dident do anything!" anna growled stepping infront of colt. Her eyes glowed gold but i wasent afraid. I growled louder and thunder boombed over my head.

"Anna dont" colt said but anna dident pay any attention "you low life human!" she yelled "and im a humans whos going to kick your ass!" i yelled.

Anna backed away and went on all her fours. I blinked and infront of me was a giant white wolf with electric blue eyes. She barred her teeth at me.

Hanna pushed me behind her and growled her eyes turned gold. In a second hanna shifted into a giant brown wolf with amber colred eyes. She and anna were equal in hight.

"Enough!" colt yelled and both wolves turned to face him.

anna turned back into a human but hanna dident.

lilly get on my back were leaving. hanna said through mindlink. i nodded and climbed on her back.

hanna dident even gave a glance at colt she just gave a low growl and ran off.

it started to rain as me and hanna ran through the gates already out of there site. we ran through the woods heading to our pack land.

thank you to all my readers! i hope you like this story

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