episode 24

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They were going to reach jai jardh all people of jay jardh waiting for

them eagerly Ashok shah was shah serker of jay jardh he was a polite

men respect the women and helps the needy he was the god father of

the people of jay gard but he died in a road accident when Sidharth was

10years old and jhagir shah took them to Vikram gardh and they were

Ming for him to come back and Sidharth shah to be the next uitrd

E. jay gardh he is the elder son of Ashok Shukla that's why jhag

shah loves him because he knows he have huge share in there prope ‘é he will be the next shah serker people will not except some one

¢ the shah serker that's why he wanted amber to marry him but

dint know that deeply and madly in love with his wife

There cars entered jay gard people were eagerly waiting for them and starts hooting and shouting shah saaye agay (lord come))he opeans the car and wave his hands he stop the car and step down with his
dominating aura and killer looks

Men:;:may bap ap agay anken taras gay tha apko dekhne kaliya and

pulled gralands in his neack asfand and khu and Zain came and stand

behind him the girls starts singing and dancing Dhool bajna Laga geet sajna Laga koi lout ker Aya hai sang Apne woh rang Kitna laya hai Aya hai Apne mitwa man ghom ghom Bache

All men‘s children old women’s also starts dancing in happiness One women come near him and fold her hands and sing s

Ana Wala ab na Jana kabhi chor ker perrti hu bayen kabhi hathe kabhi gordh ker Jana ne denga hum ab Dil turn kr humbha humba ooohhhbo

Then he said to the people shukriya ap logo ki mohabat ka mein Apne baba se sona to ha jay gardh ke log Kitna wafader aur mohabat kerna Wala hain aur ajj dekhe BHI Liya mein puri koshish karonga apna baba Jada shah serker banker ap Sab ki khidmat karon fold his hands and sits in the car beside his wife all started hoting gjay ho shah jay ho jjay hu shah serker zarorat jay ho and there cars

Started driving towards there havily shehnaaz bohaat chata hain apko

woh log

Sid:;:holds her hand and said mujhe NAHI baba ko chatah hain mujhe apni jagah inka Dil mein banani_ hai abhi bohaat Kuch kerna hai in logo


Soon they reach heavily and saw all the servent standing in a row waiting for them eagerly dino kaka opeaned the door bow down slam shah saaye and pulled glands in his neack and said itna se tha jab Apne

kanda pr ghomaya kerta tha and his eyes become moist and said bas

apko dekhna ki akhri khawahish thi puri hugay and Sid hold him and hug him ap humerah humse bara hain humerah baba Jesa apko

humerah aga jhukna ki zarorat nhi hai and hug him

Dino;:ab mar BHI Jao toh ghum nhi bas apko dekhna ki hasrat thi

Sid:;:pated his shoulders ara dino kaka abhi apko humerah bachi ko BHI apna kandho pr ghoma na hai and chuckled Ap itni jaldi nhi ja sakta

And movcd to other side of the car and opeaned the door of passenger seat and give hand to sana she holds his hands and come out every one was looking at them because no one have ever done it in shah family for there wife's he wrap his arm on her shoulder and bring her close to his heart and said kaka kaki meet her my

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