Chapter 8

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The next morning I wake up super late. It's eight forty and I have to be there at nine.

I quickly drag a brush over my hair and pull it in a ponytail and brush my teeth. I wear a mustard coloured cardigan with a navy blue skirt and my classic pair of converse.

I rush into the car and hop in. There is seven minutes left till I get there.

While I panic to get there, I drive faster then I have ever done before. Usually I'm a good driver but today and right now, it's a complete mess.

When I get to the carpark at Anderson's Corporations, I scan the card Sam gave me and drive in. I notice a spot marked P.A. So I drive and park. It's nine eighteen.


I walk into my cabin and place my handbag on my desk. As I turn around, Sam is standing behind me and he looks mad.

"You're late. It's one thing I do not like. I'll tolerate everything but not that."

I've never seen him like this but once again it's not like I've seen him a lot. I mean I've just started this job.

"I'm...I' sorry" i quiver as I say it.

He takes a step forward, until we're roughly twenty centimetres away. Suddenly his rough, angry demeanour changes. His frown turns into a slight smirk.

As he leans closer he says "be careful Miss Jones. People would die for this opportunity."

"I know. I know" I say.

He turns around and stops by the door.

"Your hair looks nice when it's down." He smiles, winks and then walks out.

I take a deep breath. What just happened?

I gently run my hand over my head and notice I have it up into a ponytail. I don't know why but I gently tug at the hair band and let my hair loose.

When I look over the glass panel, I notice Sam staring at me. Crap I shouldn't have done that. Now he must think that I care about what he thinks.

"Oh my god! What if he thinks I have a crush on him."

No this cannot be happening. When I look over again, he is still staring with that sexy smirk on his face.

Oh god I wish I could wipe that smirk off his face. He does it way too often and I get this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach every time he does. The odd thing is I can't stop the feeling no matter what I do.

I turn the computer on and get to work. Somehow I just cannot get anything done. All I can think about is that tomorrow is Saturday and Sam will see me at a party. He will see me in an out of work environment.

Maybe he'll see the real me. I stop as I think that. "Did I just think that?" I whisper.

Why oh why is he having this impact on me? I get up from my chair and walk over to his cabin.

I'm just going to tell him. Tell him that he makes me feel weird. That he makes me feel excited, happy, good even.

What nonsense is this? Yet I still somehow find myself at his door.

There is another lady by his desk flirting with him.

"Ensure the files are delivered to me by Monday" Sam says.

"Why Monday, I can bring them in today. Especially for you. Any excuse to be here again" she says while smiling.

At least she looks good smiling. I tend to freak people out.

Wanting her to desperately stop, I cough. Both Sam and the lady look up at me.

Sam immediately pushes himself away from her, not that he was that close to begin with.

"What is it I can help you with, Miss Jones?"

The lady walks over to me. "Hi, I'm Melissa." I shake her hand and turn to face Sam.

"I need to talk to you sir."

"This is so cute. She's adorable. Thank god you hired a clueless and no sense for fashion kinda girl because I'd be slightly jealous."

She walks over and places her arm around his neck.

I just watch. I know I should react to the insult but I freeze.

Sam grabs her arm and moves it aside. "That's my P.A you're talking about. I don't appreciate that at all. In fact, I think the deal that was going to take place between us, no longer will."

Her face turns red as she faces me. "You're cancelling a deal that would do you so good because of a P.A. You could always hire a new P.A."

"Or I could always get a new deal" he says with that smirk on his face. It's not his sexy smirk though. It's more of a 'I'm right' smirk.

"This deal was an average deal for me. It was good for you. Don't ever use that tone on me again."

He points to the door. "I think you know where the exit is."

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