Chapter 26

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Kates Pov

It has been a few weeks since my first punishment and I have been cautious not to get on daxs and Lucas's mean side right now because it seems like some shit is going down a work. I don't understand why they won't just tell me, I don't keep secrets from them why do they need to keep secrets from me? I have seen many people run in and out of place. It's kind of scary, to be honest. Daxs and Lucas haven't been really here a lot I just want a hug but I understand if they're busy, I just want to make them happy.  

“KATE” daxs screamed from downstairs 

“Coming!” I yell back 

I jump out of bed, slip on my bunny slippers and run downstairs. I look around and see them in the living room all dressed up. It's ten in the morning what could they need to be in suits and ties for? Why is everyone in the room dressed up? I feel weird now standing in my pajamas in front of everyone.

“Umm, what's going on?” 

“That's why we called you done honey. Here let's go into the kitchen” Lucas takes my hand and walks me into the kitchen. 

“What do you want for breakfast? Cereal, eggs, Maybe cake?” Lucas suggests 

What the hell are they up to? 

“What's going on?”I say as Dax lifts me up onto the counter. 

“ We have to do a really really big job to do today honey and we don’t want you to leave the house today at all.” daxs tells me 

“ what are you guys doing?” im so curious about what this big job is about

“ Oh no that's not something you should worry your pretty little head about. I promise if you need to know it we would tell you. Now we are leaving Blair here to stay with you and make sure nothing bad happens” Dax sweet-talks me

“When are you guys coming back? Do you really have to go? How about you stay home and we can make cookies! I like that idea don’t you?” I sound desperate. I sound like an idiot, like a baby…

“We can do anything you want once I get back and we should get back around 10ish around when you should be getting ready to go to bed. Just please please don't leave the house sweetpea.” Dax asks me now he kinda seems desperate. What the hell is going on today?

“ Okay I won’t just please don't do anything dumb please” 

“ We will try not to “ Lucas finally says something 

“ Okay honey we have to head out now be good we promise we will be back soon,” Dax tells me as he hugs me goodbye and Lucas kisses me on the four head.

“bye-bye,” I sit there well they leave. 

I hear everyone leave the house. I wonder where Blair is? 

“BLAIR” I scream 

“ IM in the living room!”

I hop off the kitchen counter and walk down the hallway into the living room. I see her laying on the couch staring at her phone. 

“ Sooo do you know what this big job is about” I try my best to casually about it 

“ HA. I don't know much but anything I do know I can’t tell you about sorry” she says 

“ Ughhh since you won't tell me anything how about we watch a movie or something?” i ask 

“ Nope sorry I have homework to do for class tomorrow and don't you do too?” Blair sits up and ask 

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