I'm Alive-

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Hello people of Wattpad-


Unfortunately- I'm not dead- Yet-


Yes, I know very well, I abandoned this for like what- almost 3 years-?

I apologise

I meant to come back, several times

But bro, life's so hard i'mma tell you that.

At some point I just forgot honestly

But I'm not back yet, don't rejoice I'm sorry

To those who still wait for an update on my stories, thanks for your support, highly appreciated

Honestly I fell out of the Miraculous fandom about halfway through season 4 (I stopped watching around the Wishmaker episode I think)

And even prior to that I didn't really have time for it

But now- I'm seeing all of this and jeez- I leave for how long and suddenly all the kwamis are gone like bro wth-


I'm slowly getting back into the fandom, S L O W L Y-

So I won't be back to updating yet

Plus, my writing style has changed, somewhat, and I've gotten better

(Not me cringing at my own stories lmao)

So I'll probably rewrite all these books and change a lot of things

I'm also into the My Hero Academia/Boku no Hero Academia (Mha/BnHA) fandom now

(Izuku, Eijirou and Denki are yes✨)
(I have more husbandos lol)

So I'll most likely start with that, along with a lot of new ocs

There's a bunch of stuff I won't do any more -cough- Mlb X Dc X Ocs series -cough- So don't expect anything there

I'll probably delete that soon anyways, but the ocs are still mine because I have remade them. So expect them later

Hmm, what else to say-

That sums it for now. I'm sorry once again for just abandoning my stories and of course my readers. Life as I said has been hard

But I'm happy to say, in the time I was gone, I graduated high school and I'm working rn :D

(Not me failing maths finals lmao- Also Economics and Literature-)

(Dont worry I did another exam, waiting for results ✌️)

(The last two subjects actually made me mad tbh. I'm not bragging or anything but in my opinion, and that of my friends and teachers, I'm arguably at the top of the class there, but oh well. Such is life)

I might start a YouTube and/or Tiktok channel soon with gacha and roblox content (I need to finish my ocs first and have some of that ✨epik editing skillz✨)

Still thinking about it, not sure yet

I also need to improve on drawing and art generally

And programming/graphic design (What I'm learning/working with)

I might make a game, any ideas? 🤔 (I'm just asking for ideas I might not actually go through with this now, just food for thought)

Plus I have my life, friends and future to focus on

Life after graduation is hard bro. Don't let anyone fool you

So yeah, I've got a lot on my plate

Am I a perfectionist/over-achiever-? Maybe, I don't know

But whatever it is, then okay

Once again I'm sorry for abandoning yall like that

I'll come back soon I promise! With even better things hopefully

So bear with me a while longer, better times ahead fam✌️

Thanks for everything :D

-SomeoneRandom (Call me Storm or Chaos or Author lol)

PS: If ya want my Discord or Roblox feel free to ask, let's chill together and you might get spoilers and/or a cookie if you're nice :>

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