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Duguan ng ilong? Keri! XD

BABALA: Wag magagalit kapag hindi naintindihan ang english ko. Batukan ko kayo. Dejk. Please do understand nalang. Thanks. Enjoy!


"Ang tagal ni Akemi. In all fairnesses." Akane stated habang hinihilot ang sentido niya.

"Kinakabahan ako, nee-san." We drew our attention at Riye. She looks scared.

"Bakit?" Tanong ni Reiji.

Its about 2 hours since Riye came back from their dorm para sunduin si Akemi but neither her presence showed up.

I wonder what happened. We need to solve this case first dapat e.

"Nung umalis kasi ako sa dorm, si Akemi nee-san, she's almost finished with her breakfast. I wonder what happened. M-May naisip akong dahilan pero... it's a bad one." She then frowned after saying that.

I stood up and let them chitty chat there. But before I can go quietly, Akane spoke her heart out. Please, unawain ang logic. -.-

"Hiro, saan ka pupunta?"

"I'll go find her." I mouthed.

"Her?" The said in unison. They don't know that it's iritating. Especially, Akane and Ken's voice.

"Her. Akemi. Wala kasi ata kayong balak hanapin siya e. Pag-uusapan niyo lang ata." Then I saw Akane and Ken's shocking expression after I said those words.

"Hiro, statue?"

"Uy! Bro, tagalog yon! Nice one, mahal na kita!" Akane then punched Ken in his arm. And there it started again. As usual, their fighting. -_-

Habang nag-aaway sila, I grabbed the chance to go out of the agency and try finding Akemi.

I first checked their dorm.

When I got in the fourth floor, the door is open.

"Hey?" No one responded.

So, I come inside and search the whole room.

Bathroom, bedroom, living room. No signs.

While searching, there's something that answers my questions: NO AKEMI FOUND.

I was about to leave the room when I noticed there was one more place I forgot to check: The Kitchen.

So, I rushed towards their kitchen when...

"Ah! Shit!" I accidentally stepped on a broken plate.

"What is it doing here?" I asked myself.

Iniwan ko nalang muna doon yung plate. Sumilip ako sa bintana. I tried to find her.

"Hiro?" It was Akane.

"What are you doing here? Where are the others?" I asked contionuosly.

"Sila na daw ang tatapos ng case. They let me help you finding Akemi. Besides," She then point out her ears while smiling triumphantly like saying that it'll help us. And yes, it does.

I nodded at her as an answer then look back at the window searching fir Akemi.

"May nakita ka bang kakaiba?" I hear concern in her voice. She really is a good-friend. That's why... I... Ugh. Nevermind.

"That broken plate." Then I immediately point it to her.

"Sa tingin mo, Hiro, may masamang nangyari?" She asked.

"I don't know." I shrugged. "Just hope that there's nothing bad happened."

She nodded.

"Why don't we try looking for her sa forest, Hiro?" Akane suggested.

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