Chapter-51|The Gala

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The Annual Charity Gala is one of the most important nights for the high-class people of New York and you could sense that as soon as you enter the venue

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The Annual Charity Gala is one of the most important nights for the high-class people of New York and you could sense that as soon as you enter the venue.

The grand hall is filled with every champagne-colored decoration you could find under the sun but honestly, it looked breathtaking. There are multiple chandeliers and crystal balls hanging from the ceiling, which cast magnificent reflections whenever light hit them. The red roses placed on all the roundtables, scattered across the room, stood out beautifully.

Ethan and I enter the venue with linked arms and wide smiles. As we stand on the threshold, I feel Ethan's hot breath on the side of my face as he leans towards my ear, "You didn't tell me there's gonna be a red carpet."

His amused voice causes me to chuckle heartedly. He's right. We had to walk on a red carpet to get here. I completely forgot about that part, if I'm being honest.

Turning my face towards him, I move closer to him, so that my lips are almost touching him before lowering my voice to a whisper, "Are you complaining?"

My breath hitches as he leans down to place a kiss on my neck, "I never said that."

Fighting the smile on my face, I look at Ethan with wide eyes, "Behave, Mr. Knight."

"Hard to, when you look like that, Ms. Reed." He says. His eyes trail over me, agonizingly slow, and I can't help when a red hue takes over my face. Suddenly, the hall feels hotter than it was a second ago.

Before I could say something, a familiar voice makes me pull away from Ethan to create a more acceptable distance between our faces.

"Iris, is that you?"

Turning my face towards the voice, I come face to face with a slightly more mature but equally beautiful version of Dani.

"Yes, Lauren," I chuckle, lightly. "It's me."

"Oh, my." Coming closer, she instantly pulls me into a warm hug. "How long it has been?"

Lauren is Dani's mother, but honestly, she's been a mother to both of us. Once my world collapsed, she was the mother figure in my life who taught me everything I know today. In fact, she was the one who helped me move on from Chase after making me realize how big of an idiot he was.

'He's the world's biggest fool for letting a girl like you go by. You deserve the world, my dear.' 

That's what she told me when I spent nights crying inconsolably in her arms.

Pulling back from her, I smile as I find her eyes filled with more warmth and love than my own mother, "It's been too long."

Her eyes flicker over to Ethan, who's standing quietly beside me and a knowing smile forms on her face. She doesn't move her eyes from him, "Is this...?" She trails off.

Blushing slightly, I nod. Grabbing Ethan's hand, I interlock our fingers before meeting his eyes. "Yeah, this is my boyfriend. Ethan Knight. You might know him. He's Mason's roommate."

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