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H a r r y.

"Daddy?" Her sweet voice calls from behind him. He pulls on a the t-shirt he'd just picked out. He wanted to be comfortable for her punishment. He knew she liked it better when he was casually dressed.

"Yes, darling?"

"After my punishment, can we go out-" she pauses a bit, waiting for him to turn around and face her. "Like out to a movie theater?"

He furrowed his brows. "You've never been to a theater, where'd you get such an idea?" He demands harshly. He takes a step towards the small girl.

"A friend told me about it," she pauses sheepishly. "I really thought you would like the idea, I- I read a book and it's based off it," she stops again to look up at Harry. "Daddy."

He sighs looking at her silky pajamas. Her sweet skin looks porcelain against them. "Who is your new friend?" He asks. He'd never known of her having friends before. She stays in the house almost always.

"I won't tell," she whispers.

"Bay," he warns. She blushes, looking up at him. She knows it will cost her but she doesn't want her friend to get in trouble.

"Give me more punishment for it," she says quietly. Harry growls slightly, tugging the girl closer. She looks at him with a pleading face to just leave it as it is.

"Why aren't you dress appropriately?" He asks, much to her relief. She smiles, blushing lightly.

"I heard you bedroom door open and I wanted to see you before seven," she replies in great honesty. He smiles slightly, still upset over the movie suggestion. His thumb runs across her bottom lip just before his kisses it sweetly.

"Go get ready."


She knew what to do. He didn't have to tell her as she walked into the room. Their eyes met, both fully aware as to what Harry was to bring.

She steps in front of the large bed. Slowly, she bends over it, her hands digging into the soft material to hold her body up. Harry rubs down her spine with a single finger. At that moment she recalls to their first punishing.

Bend over, arms straight, back arched, and legs spread.

He sighs, stepping behind her and bending down to kiss the middle of her spine. "You know Daddy hates to punish you," he rasps.

She nods weakly, closing her eyes. "Yes, Daddy. I'm sorry," she replies. He lifts her gown for a full view her of body.

"Do you know how many, princess?" He asks. Her head shakes shamefully. "Ten. After we're done, you know the rules."

He takes a step back, bare hand connecting with the soft skin of her right cheek. She cries out, trying to hold it in. The first one is always the worst.

He smacks again, probably harsher than the first time. She holds in her cry this time, receiving another. "Speak, Bay."

She whimpers loudly, "I'm sorry, Daddy."

Though, he knows she isn't as sorry as she should be when he sees her core glistening. He continues with another seven slaps and once he's done she collapses into the bed.

"What do we say?"

"Thank you, Daddy."


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Question: Can you guess who Bay's friend is?

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