howl of sadness (not edit)

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Lillys POV

It rained harder and the thunder got louder. It kept ranning and hanna kept running.


I asked her though mind-link. She stoped running and started to catch her breath. I got off her back and looked her in the eyes.


I asked her again.

She shifted back to human and stared at me. I pulled her in a hug and she started to cry.

"Why!?" she cried into my sholder. She cried harder, i rubbed her back as she cried into my sholder.

So there we were in the middle of the woods, as it rained and lighting flashed. Hanna pulled back and whiped her tears.

It hurt, it hurt me to see her cry like this all Becuse of that jackass!

Thunder boomed over our heads "lilly ill be back" she said lower then a whisper. "Im com-" i was cut off when she said "its okay lilly i just need to blow off some steam". "Hanna im not leaveing you alone" i told her and that was that.

Hanna nodded and shifted back to her wolf self. Hanna was beautiful,with her light brown wolf with black strikes that jackass dident even know whats he missing. Hanna through her head back and let out a powerfull howl. Her howl collided with the sound of the thunder crashing, but the difference was her howl was sad.

Lighting flashed i saw it right behind. I blinked and something pushed me out of the way. I landed on the dirt that was already floded with mud A giant tree hit the ground hard while a small whimper was herd

Hanna! Was my first thought i stood up but something was stoping me, i looked over at my feet. I was all muddy and a long deep cut was from my ankle to my nee. I took a deep breath it stinged like hell as rain drops fell on it.

"Hanna!" i yelled i couldent see from the rain or leaves were covering her. A small whimper came from the middle of the leves.

I cralwed over to the tree and moved the leves out of the way.

And there she was, hanna shifted back to her human but she was crushed my the tree. She was bleeding from her forhead. The rain made the blood run down covering her left eye. Her hands were coverd in cuts.

Thunder boomed, and a faint growl was herd from a distance, yellow eyes glowed through the rain.


There was no answer....

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