episode 27

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Sid:;:kabhi nhi bohaat Jana diya hai tumko Shaadi ka two months tak hum.bohaat intezar Kiya tumhare shah ki jaan bite her cheeks she hiss in pain he suck it to smoth the pain ab ek minute bhi dour nhi rehna donga

Sana try to turn but feels pain in hr lowers and hiss in pain

He look at hr bataona jaa e shah Kiya huraha feeling pain some were | know i was too hard on you last night

Sh;:hide her face more in his bare and strong cheast and said nhi baba Kahi pain nhi horaha mujhe bohaat sharam arahi hai because no men has touched her aur even see her before he was the first and last who she loved and have every right on her

Sid:;:was feeling very proud that only he is one who can see touch make love to her all rights only belongs to him he is so passasive for her he can't never share her with anyone he teased her acha dard nhi hai toh toh Matlab again hover her coming close to her lips said Matlab I can jet more love from my wife now

Sh:; eyes gets widen and she down her lashes shly and said putting palm on his lips jee nhi ab hum nahanay jaynge shah jee apko Raat ka intezar kerna prega

Sid;pulled her close to him and said shah ki jaan ek baat sunlo Tum pr aur tumhare ishq pr tumhari rooh pr tumhara jism pr bas haq hai ek Mera aur mein apni biwi ko jab chaho tab Pyar ker sakta ho kissing her neack she cluched _ bed sheet in her fist close her eyes feeling his lips licking  her ear lope Apne humko Pagal kerdiya hai shah ki jaan

Sid:;: Kahi nhi jarahi ap Sunita kaki banelengi nashta yeh khud bana lenga yeh log bche nhi hain Sab ajj ap Sirf humerah pas rehngi aur Sirf humse Pyar karengi and started sucking her birth mark

Sh:;slides her fingers in his hairs to calm him but he  is no mod to stop or leave her for a second

And suddenly the door knocks Sid groans Kon hai

Shehnaaz tried to scape listing the knock but Sid hold her from waist and peack her lips KAHA bhagrahi hain begum Apne shohar se Piche chora kar

Zaini:!bhaijaan hum Hain Sab aka intezar keraha hain nashta pr Sha:;again plead him to leave her choren ne Sab uth gay honge Kya sochenge

Sid:;chuckled and winked at her and said I don't care sochna do Jo BHI sochna hai unko started kissing sucking her neack before and said abhi Teri bhabi naha Rahi hain ati hain phir mein naha kr ata ho and again get busy in his work ((jhooot ))

Sh:;‘looked at him and said bas na shah jee ab bohaat hogaya Pyar Sab niche wait keraha apka

Sid:ooh Jane man abhi Apne humerah Pyar dekha hi KAHA hai hum toh kaal Raat bohaat soft tha apke Sathe first time tha ne isliya abhi toh bohaat Kuch kerna Baki hai shah ki jaan she blushed and turn in crimson red  Sid:;: bas itna mein hi Sharma gay abhi toh ibtadah e ishq hai aga aga Dekhiya hota haii Kiya and picked her in his arms and went in there royal bathroom and removed silk black sheed covering her body he looked at her and milky white skin which was his weekness visible to his eyes and l he lost his control again looking her beauty which was visible to his eyes in front of him she tried to hide her self from her hands he pined her in the wall and whispers in her ears huskily never try to hide your selfe from me you are only mine. smashed her lips sucking it passionatly his hands move all over to her beautiful body sexually and soon reached to her curves she started moaning his name shah jeeeeeecee with very difficulty

Sid:;he break the kiss and started sucking her jaw line then her neack line and coler bone and uper breast and said I love you shah ki jaan bohaat chatein hai tumko ajj mat roko Meri jaaan she just give in her demand he took her mold in his mouth sucking it like a baby and she

move her head back in pleasure

Sh;:;and said I love you shah jeeeeee more then my life he looked at her intensely and on the shawer and picked her in his arms she wrapped her legs on her traso and pined her in the wall and entered in her in one go

and started thursting fast and hard she was moaning his name and then she started kissing his lips he hold her neack and pulled her more in

him he also respocate more dominantly by chewing sucking biting her

lips soon they reached there climax and lay on him all exhausted he

hold her and pick her and put her in bath tube and massage her
Back and every corner of her body and said are you ok shah ki jaan

Sh:;dint went him to feel restless and blinked her eyes and said I am
more then ok but and lay her head on his chest just I think I am sore so can not walk properly

Sid:;soory jaan I should control my self kissing her shoulder

Sh:;:no shah jee mein theek ho ajj apne mujhko moqamal kerdiya it's

our first time hide her face in his cheast shyly toh Thora dard hai next it will be ok Sid:;looks her inocent soul took her in his protective arms kissed her

fore head and said looking in her eyes intensely Mohabat Tumhara hukar. Hi rqhon. Meri bas wahid yehi tamana hai mohabat toh bohaat chota lafz hai Meri toh jaan basti hai tujhe mein ab aur kabhi jaan bghair koi jii paya hai  door ne Jana warna tumhare Bina Marna jaay tumhara yeh shah .

She puts her lips against his and starts sucking it he also respond equal and after 10minutes break the kiss and join there forehead and she said . Bari mushkil.se paya  hai tumhe Mohabat kerna sikhya hai tumne ab Teri yeh jaa e shah kissi ki

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