Chapter Twenty-Six

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Paisley's Point of View

I lounged comfortably on Stephan's couch, griping my book in my hand as my eyes followed the words on the pages before me. I've spent most of my time at his house over the last few weeks and we've really grown attached to each other. I'm still waiting for him to ask me out on a date but...he's so freaken slow, still I couldn't blame him.

His mind was still distracted with a lot of things like Ian and Lana and his daughter. Ian had somehow vanished off the face of the earth and the hype about his return had died down even though Stephan still finds himself searching for camera's now and then. I was convinced that Stephan had scared him off and that was the last of Ian, still one could never be too sure.

"Babe, you still reading The Fault In Our Stars? Summer's almost over already." He smiled as he stood in the kitchen behind the table throwing a bunch of different cut up fruits into the blender and then he pressed the button causing all the fruits to slice up and blend together perfectly.

"Yeah, I haven't gotten a chance to finish it because...well Mr. Duke I've been spending all of my free time with you." I said staring at my book while a smile appeared on my face. "And it was the best decision you've ever made." He said pouring his smoothie into a tall glass.

I heard his footsteps approach me while his new Nike's squeaked on the floor of his lounge and then he came over to the couch where I had laid myself down upon, and scooped me up into his muscular arms without any warning. "Stephan." I laughed as I dropped my book flat on the floor and then attached my arms to his neck.

"Where you taking me?"

"I want you to try this smoothie, tell me what you think." He said and then placed me down on the ground and wiped a strand of my hair from my face, tucking it behind me ear.

"Go on babe, try it." He said eagerly and then handed me the glass. I was slightly cautious because this was the fourth smoothie he had made me try today and honesty all of them tasted terrible. I mean it tasted,


"Fifth time's the charm." He smirked as I giggled and then took a small sip. I placed the glass down onto the table and allowed my taste buds to do it's job as the flavor exploded on my tongue.

"Soooo?" He said biting the corner of his bottom lip nervously, which actually looked kind of attractive.

"It's tastes sour." I smiled. "I love it!" I responded honestly.

"I knew you would like this one Blueberry. I added lemons and I know lemons are your favorite fruit." He said remembering the conversation we had had three days ago about certain fruits we like and dislike. He doesn't like apples or bananas can you believe it? He's crazy! apples are amazing. I thought as I heard his feet stepped behind me and felt his hands holding my waist.

"Can I have the rest." I asked as I took another sip.

"Of course babe, I made it for you." He replied and then kissed me sweetly on the surface of my neck, he trailed kissed from my neck to my lips as he turned my head backwards so he could press his lips against me.

And then I turned facing the front again as I took another sip. "Stephan, this is really good." I smiled as I indulged in the smoothy he had made for me.

"Yeah, it's really good." He mumbled still kissing my neck, obviously not talking about the smoothie. "Hey Pais, um I wanted to know if you wanted to head to the tattoo shop with me today?" He whispered as I felt his warm breath in my neck.

"Tattoo shop?" I turned my body quickly to face him. Stephan had no tattoos so him wanting to go to a tattoo shop was a shock.

"Yeah" He nodded.

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