Chapter 9

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I try hard. Really hard but I still break down into tears. I cover my face with my hands so Sam doesn't see but the noise of a dying whale that escapes my mouth is enough to tell him that I am crying.

"You shouldn't cry, Miss Jones."

I look up, noticing him staring at me.

I wipe at my tears. "I'm really sorry."

He walks over to me. "You shouldn't be sorry. It wasn't your fault at all. I don't tolerate that behaviour at all in my office. Mel got what she deserved."

I don't know why I do it but I throw my arms around him and cry into his chest.

He doesn't move or say anything, just stands there.

"Because of me you've just lost a deal."

"It was a minor deal. I cancel deals like these on a daily basis. I could get a deal like this within minutes. You shouldn't worry."

He puts his arms around me and pulls me into a proper embrace. Suddenly it hits me, that I'm hugging him.

Should I pull away? Oh my god this is awkward. Why oh why did I have to hug him?

I gently lift my head back and pull myself back. There is a huge wet patch on his nicely ironed shirt from where I was crying.

I take a few steps back. "I'm sorry about your shirt."

He raises his right eyebrow and smirks slightly. "Just a shirt, Miss Jones."

"You tend to apologise a lot, has anyone told you that" he says.

I look up suddenly. He is watching me carefully. "I guess I just make mistakes when you're around."

"And why is that?"

I don't know what to say or respond to that.

He walks closer until he is only a few centimetres away. He leans in and softly whispers into my ears "and why is that, Miss Jones?"

I freeze. He is too close. More close than I feel comfortable with.

I pull away and take a step back. He has that smirk on his face.

He takes a step closer while I take another step back. "I'm starting to think I make you uncomfortable" he says.

He takes another step forward and this time I can't take a step back because I'm against the wall.

He leans in closer this time. "So Miss Jones, is it I that makes you uncomfortable?"

I take a deep breath. "Yes" I say quietly.

"And why is that?"

I try to walk to the left but he places his hand on either side of the wall. There is no escaping now.

"It's just you're really good looking and very caring."

Crap! I've done it again. I always speak without thinking.

He smiles. "And that makes you uncomfortable?"

"Umm... I guess."

He puts his hands down and backs away.
"Fair enough."

I watch him walk to his desk and sit down. Pretending like this just didn't happen. What was this. I turn around and run out of there back into my cabin.

When I get to my desk, I look over and notice he's busy with his computer. What was that all about?

I turn my computer on but can't seem to work. I fidget with opening and closing documents.

I look over again and he is writing something down. Why won't he look at me?

Why was I feeling bad when Melissa was talking to him? Am I crushing on him?

Oh god I hope not. Well I mean he is so damn gorgeous that I wouldn't mind if I.... No No Vi, you can't think like that. You're here to work, that's it. Nothing else.

I look from the corner of my eye and he is still on his damn computer. After everything that happened, he should've looked over.

Maybe I'm over thinking it. Maybe that's how he is with every girl.


I spend a good hour thinking about Sam even though I hate the idea of it. Finally I get started with my work.

When it hits five in the afternoon, I grab my handbag from under my desk and sling it over my shoulder ready to leave.

Just as I'm about to go, Sam is standing by my door. "Is everything complete?"

I shake my head no. "I got a little distracted, I've finished everything except emailing your clients the results."

"What distracted you, Miss Jones?"

"You can call me Violet."

"Okay Violet, what distracted you." He walks over until his standing right in front of me.

"Just some issues at home." I know I shouldn't lie but it's not like I can walk right up to him and be like 'you've distracted me.'

"Anything I can help with?" He has his sexy smirk back on.

I swallow. "Nothing Sir, but thank you."

"Call me Sam, it's only fair."

"But Sir..."

He interrupts. "Sam will do."

"Okay" I say as I nod.

"Bye" I say as I run out of the room.

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