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TW: mention of su1c1de

This is not related to the fiction, and it will not matter if it is skipped. I have added the necessary trigger warning(s), so please beware. Thank you! 

As you may or may not know, Moonbin of ASTRO passed away earlier today as a result of su1c1de at the age of 25, as the group's label Fantiago confirmed. The company's official statement (as translated into English by Koreaboo) states, "On April 19, Astro member Moonbin suddenly left us to become a star in the sky." 

The statement then continues, "Although we cannot compare our sorrow to the grief that the bereaved families are feeling, losing a beloved son and brother, the Astro members, fellow Fantagio artists, company executives and employees are mourning the deceased in great sadness and shock." He was reportedly found dead (by su1c1de) in his apartment by the group's manager. 

Although I'm not an AHORA (Astro's fandom name), I am devastated at this news. My heart cries alongside Moonbin's family, friends, members, and fans. He was an incredible idol, and an amazing person, who truly deserved the world. 

The reason I decided to publish this, however, is not only to send my condolences, but to also talk about the problems of the k-pop industry. Why do we hate on idols? They, too, are human, and it's okay if they make mistakes. Why do we hate on Wonyoung, Lia, Jennie, Soyeon, Tzuyu, Hwasa, Yeri, Karina, Bahiyyih, Chan, Hyunjin, Woojin, and the many more idols I have not mentioned? We have failed to protect U;Nee, Lee Seo Hyun, Park Yong Ha, Ahn So Jin, Kim Jonghyun, Goo Hara, Sullie, and many, many, MANY more k-pop idols I have failed to mention. The least we can do is protect our idols, because they deserve nothing less. They work their asses off to make content for us; and what do we do in return? Hate them? 

This is not okay.

So please, if you give a damn about idols and their lives, then STOP. Spread this message and stop hating on them. They don't deserve it. They're only doing their best, and we have no right to criticize that. 

I'm sorry if that was passive aggressive, but I needed to get that off my chest and tell the k-pop fandom. 

Just remember, if we could spread love as quickly as we spread hate, we would be living in an amazing world right now <33


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