episode 31

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All were having there breakfast Except our sidnaaz

Beejan;:Rita uthi nhi abhi tak tumhari ladli baho abhi tak niche nhi ay hai Jao uthao uss nawab ko

Rita ;:beejaan. Shah Sahab raatko late sooy hunga uthenge toh  khud hi khalenga apko toh pata hai shah Sahab ko passand nhi jab woh room mein ho koi unko utha ne jaey phir BHI ap boolen toh  uthadon booldongi  Beejaan boola Rahi hain

Beejaan;:;remember his previous warning and gulp hr saliva and said
nhi nhi rehna do

All smiles meischously seeing her fear and said ab hum log jata hain Allah Hafiz

Asfand ;:opean the passenger seat door for zubi all said ohhhhhoooo he said shat up and started driving whole ride steeling glazes from each
other and the car stoped near the collage all get down

Zubi was about to get down asfand come near her she closes her eyes feeling him very close to her he as smiles see his effect on her and kissed her ear lobe and whispers in her ears Raat ko trace pr ana baat kerni hai aur larko se doorh Raha na you are only mine and move back she blush
hard and run from there

Asfa;:;smiles looking her antics drive back home

Say;:bhabi un dono ko toh jaka uthao Kahi need ki golia kha ker toh nhi

sooa sana ko toh uth Jana Chaiya kasa utha gi Sidharth choraga. Toh uthagi na

Say;:Matlab bhabi

Rita ;'gay thi mein subha utha ne

Flash back

Sidharth sitting on bed wearing a towel   with bare cheast sana was drying  his wet hairs standing
Between  his legs which were lock by him he hold hr waist and pulled her more in him and removed her dupata and started kissing her uper breast she closses her eyes filling his lips sucking her birth mark and bite on it she moans ahhhbh aram se shah

jee he crease her birth mark and said I love this mark of yours

Sh;:shah jeeeeeeeeee Kiya kare Raha hain

But next moment he capture her lips and started kissing it he lift her and lay on the bed without breaking the kiss removed her dupata sana

breathing heavyly he break the kiss fecling her out of breath

sana said shah jee door BHI lock nhi haii aur subha Sab nashta pr

intezer keraha hunga. He put his rough finger on her lips

Sid;'ssssssh whispers in her ears licking it t ap Sirf iss waqt hum pr tawaja den and started devoting her neack aur Sirf Sirf humko Pyar

Karen bite on her suck and bite her sweet spot and said humko

Humko manzor nhi ka tu kissi aur ka bare mein socha BHI

baat yeh shaak ki nhi humerah hag ki hai

Aur Tum pr Sirf humerah hag hai and started trailing kisses collar bone and kiss ka haq hai she was completely lost in his touch and says apka

then move to down her shirt from shoulders and started sucking it and

said humerah nam laka boolo jaan e shah know she was lost in his sweet tourcher and hold his back tightly and move her one hand in his nape and said apki hai shah jeecee Sirf apkaaaaa next moment he removed her all clothes and his paints and entered in her with a swiffffft she

screamed in pain ahhhhhhh Sha jeeeeer aram se

Sid;‘he groans ahhhhh Meri Jan kissing her shoulders Tum Mera nasha bangay hu gitna kerta ho aur talab baare jati hai meri jaan Tumhara

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