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The next day Mike told his mom he stayed at Wills. They both got changed for school, Will still wore hoodies and Mike was basically gonna be his bodyguard.

El came out of her room and got a water from the fridge. Will came out of his room rubbing his eyes and Mike came out after him. "Morning El." Will started. "Hi Will." El replied. "Hi Mike." El acknowledged him. Mike waved.

Will gave Mike and El an apple before they all grabbed their bags and left. "So.. Mike was in your room, whole night, nothing happened?" El asked. They both looked at her. "No." They both answered. El shrugged and continued walking.


When they got to school Mike waited for Will to get his books. "Baby." Mike started. "Yeah?" Will looked at him, "Who.. Who did that to you?" Mike asked slightly tilting his head to his stomach.

"Old friend. Dylan Myers." Will answered. Mike nodded, he looked to the side and bit the inside of his cheek. He knew all about the kid. Will closed his locker. Mike got his and they went to first period, Mike made sure he was behind Will so he could see him.

He saw the blonde and gave him a deadly glare. Dylan looked away and rolled his eyes. Mike chuckled and they both went into the classroom. Will sat down and Mike did.

"Mike, Will, a bit late but much of a normal thing for you two." The teacher said turning to the board. "Yea well that's why we skip your classes to make out half of the time." Mike said to himself. Max heard it as she sat right next to Mike. She giggled and started talking notes.

Will made a look of discomfort a few times during class, Mike assumed it was because of the bandages. They were a bit itchy. Will also kept scratching at the bandage.


After class Mike took Will to the bathroom to change the bandages. They went into a stalk to prevent anyone from seeing Will. Will took off the hoodie and Mike undid the bandage on his stomach. The bleeding stopped, all there was left was a huge cut.

Mike cleaned the cut again and put another bandage on it and did the same thing for his arms. Mike gently tilted Wills face and kissed his cheek. A light shade of red appeared on his cheeks. Mike smiled and gave him his hoodie.

"I love you." Mike put his forehead on Wills. "I love you too." Will replied. Mike ruffled his hair and grabbed both of their bags. "C'mon, we have class in a bit." Mike started. Will clung onto his arm as they both walked out.

Mike walked Will to class and kissed him in his forehead, "See you after class." Mike said, Will smiled and nodded then went into his class. Mike went to his class after.


At lunch Mike didn't talk to anyone for the first five minutes. "Hey I'll be right back." Mike muttered and got up. He went to the restroom and left his friends.

A few minutes later he came back, he wiped his cheek and sat down. He had a grin on his face that only Will knew the meaning of. "Mike what did you do?" Will asked. Mike shrugged, Will looked at his hands and saw some small bruises forming on his knuckles.

Will grabbed Mikes arm and dragged him to the hallway. "What did you do?" Will whisper shouted. Mike pointed to the side and Will looked over at the badly beaten Dylan. Will looked back at his boyfriend who was smirking.

"Damn." Will murmured. Will grinned and let out a small laugh. "Bye bye Dylan." Mike spoke in a baby voice and pouted. Will laughed and pulled him back to the table. Will and Mike look at Dylan again and start laughing. The whole table looked at them.

"What the fuck are you laughing at-" Dylan yelled. The cafeteria went silent. "You, dumbass! Now shut the fuck up!" Mike answered. "Damn." Max muttered. "Who are you talking to?" Dylan asked walking closer. "You." Mike answered.

Turns out Dylan tried to fight him again but Mike just kicked his leg and it was over. He sat back down and leaned his head on his boyfriends shoulder. "What the hell did he do?" Lucas asked. "Your mother" Mike grinned.

"Bitch." Lucas muttered. "Well this bitch can keep a relationship without breaking up with my partner three hundred times." Mike replied. Will slapped a hand over his mouth. "I- have nothing to say to that." Lucas put up a finger as an attempt to think of something then shrugged.


After lunch everyone went to class, Mike and Will had the period together, they both sat in the back next to each other. They sometimes joked about how they refused to talk to each other last year but always looked at each other.

They didn't have to pay attention in this class mostly because the teacher didn't give a fuck about the students in the classroom. He mostly just sat in his chair in his phone half of the class.

"You do not need that." Will replied to Mikes stupid question. "But why not?" Mike asked. "Because I have one at my house." Will responded. "What?" "Do you think I let my hair stay messed up?" Will asked, "Well no." Mike answered.

They both got a message from Max, Mike added Will to their chat a while ago.




do you have five dollars?


i kinda stole Lucas's bracelet






guess what


your mom

ellie has been kicked out of the chat!

ellie has been added to the chat!




your right next to me

ik that




to be continued...

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