moonlight rise (not edit)

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colts POV

I ran as i picked up her sent. She smelled like freash mangos for some reason and my wolf craved for it.

Steve and Andrew followed behind me as we followd her sent. A loud yelle priced the sky as lighting flashed


I yelled in my head and the three of us ran to the sound. I herd a growl, i jumped through a bush and tackled what ever was in site. It was a dark brown wolf with yellow eyes that just begged for blood. He growled and snapped at my neck

I barred my teeth rasing my tail in dominant, the wolve slowly whimperd and just stood there under my paws. I growled and got off the wolve steve snd andrew shifted back into there humans and chaind the wolve.

Thunder boomed as i saw lilly knocked out with bites and bloody scratches all over her. Blood was covering the muddy ground, she was next to a tree that had falled and under all that pile of leave i saw a hand that was brused.

"Hanna!" i yelled and her hand twitched.

Andrew was holding the tree as i grabed hanna, she was coverd in mud and bruises were over her arms. A deep cut that was above her eye brow spilled blood that coverd her right eye.

"Dont worry i got you" i said as i carried her bridel style, andrew carried lilly and steve kept the out cast in cheak.

Lighting flashed and lilly burried her face in andrews chest, he whisperd to her "i got you" he said and lilly relaxed a bit.

When i finally saw the pack gates in view it was already night and the moon peaked out of the clouds lighting everything up. I looked down at hannas face the moon light up her face, she looked so beautiful to her pink bloosem lips to her check bones that stood out.

Right when we went un the pack docters and nurses came rushing taking hanna and lilly away.

"Take the out cast to one of the cells" i told steve and he took the outcast.

"Well what are you going to do" andrew said "what do-" he cut me off when he said "shes your mate i can see the way you looked at her just a minute ago" he stated,

"i dont know" i answerd his question

So thank you to all my readers!!! I really appreciate it!

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