Not In A Million Years...

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Artemis POV                                                                         It's been a month since Jackson when and tried to complete the mating process with me, and lately he has been giving me the cold shoulder because of it.
            "Don't worry Art, he's probably just mad because you wouldn't have sex with him. I mean come on he has basically every girl in both of our packs at his finger tips but you and of course," Marie told him, trying to comfort me.
            "You're not really helping Fireball," I sighed. "I mean nice try but really? You had to of tell me that?"
            "Sorry Art, but it is the truth."
            "I know, let's just head over to your territory before we head out for some ice cream." I tell her as we climb into her black jeep wrangler.
             "And stop worrying so much. You guys are mates, he'll come around." she assured me.
             "You're probably right." But I spoke to soon, a burning feeling begin to grow in my chest and soon it felt like I was ingulfed in flame.
            "Artemis, Jackson is with another women," my wolf, Sapphire cried.
           "MARIE! TAKE ME TO JACKSON! NOW!" I screamed in pain.
             "What's wrong?" she asked in panic. I just looked at her as tears began to travel down my faces. "He didn't, did he?" She looks at me, "I swear I'm going to fucking kill him!" Marie says as she slams on the gas.
              As we slide into her pack's driveway, nearly crashing into the pack house, I didn't wait for the car to even stop I threw open the door's to to pack house and ran to Jackson's room to find him doing to deed with Marissa. OF ALL OF THE GIRLS HE COULD OF CHOSEN, HE HAD TO CHOSE HER!
               "You little pathetic asshole," I growled at him.
                "Don't forget about the bitch he's with." Sapphire snarled.
                 "Don't worry, I won't" I thought as I lunged at the smirking Marissa. But of course Jackson knocked me down before I could get to her. "You bastard!" I screamed as I spit in his face.
                 "Oh shut up, you whore!" Jackson sneered. Did he just? That's it I'm done with whatever game he is playing.
                "Whore? I'm a whore?" I scream, "I can't believe that you are suppose to be my mate! Oh god I hate you"
                "The feeling is mutal." He smirks. Just you wait Jackson for wha you're going to hear.
                "I, Artemis Johnson, reject you, Jackson Holland the future alpha of Black Moon Pack, as my mate" I say with confidence as he fell to the ground in pain. I almost wanted to take it back.
               "NO! I WILL NOT BE REJECTED! I WILL MAKE YOU REGRET THIS!" he screamed in rage. I just smiled sweetly.
               "Oh no you won't, Not in a million years." I told him before walking out and might I add that looked like a boss doing so.


Hey Everyone! I feel horrible that I haven't posted a story in.. oh god.. wow i'm a few months short of 2 years. I'm sorry for the long wait but I hope you enjoy!


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