Chapter 32 (Third's POV)

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Charlie burst through the door, breaking it down as he looked around the room. He saw a lifeless Duke on the floor. He ran towards Duke and turned him over. Charlie placed his finger on the side of Duke's neck.

"You better be alive for my sake and Winter's. If not I will personally kill you myself even if you die." Charlie said under his breath.

He felt a heartbeat and it was slowly increasing as the time went by. Charlie thought to himself that they must have run into Winter or her father. Talon was lying on the roof, asleep like a baby and Duke was lying dead in this room.

Charlie breathe out in relief as Duke's heart rate was going back to normal. He looked away from Duke and look at good look around. It was like nothing was ever moved since they left this house to go with Bertha.

What had happened to everyone in this house?

Charlie looks at the corner of the house that Winter would always sit in. She would always distance herself from the other children at that time in life. He tried to cheer her up, but she just remained silent.

He felt Duke shifting in his hands, he looks down to see him starting to wake up. Charlie pats his cheeks causing Duke's face to tensen up. Charlie hits harder causing Duke to get irritated.

"Wake up, Duke. It's not a time for you to be sleeping when my sister is out there with my sociopathic father." Charlie gritted his teeth.

Suddenly Duke's eyes opens and he quickly sat up. Charlie watched carefully as Duke felt around the floor with his hands for stability. Duke's breathing was frantic as if he had woken up from a nightmare.

"Duke," Charlie said.

Duke swirled his head around to see Charlie sitting on the floor next to him. He felt his head throbbed in pain as the cold still lingered there. He placed his hands on his head making the cold disappear. He felt his heart felt funny.

"Duke. What happened he-" Charlie questioned.

Duke suddenly bolted out of the house before Charlie could finished his question. Charlie left out a sigh before running after Duke who didn't seem to want to stop. He felt his heart started pounding as they run down the hill at very fast speeds.

"Duke! What are you going!" Charlie asked but only to have Duke run faster.

Charlie saw Duke get on his horse before riding off. Charlie let out a sound in frustration as he got on his horse and chased after Duke but before he could do so. He remembered that Talon was still on the roof and that they needed him.

He felt conflicted to chase the guy that was suppose to save his sister or the idiot that he hated for so many years. He sighed once again and decided that the council would be angry if they left Talon. He turn around on his horse and headed back to their old home.

Meanwhile in the front of the school building, Bertha walked in circles frantically while Elder James tried to calm her down.

"Don't tell me to calm down! My girl is running around doing who knows what and I'm just standing here waiting for the 3 boys to come back with news. How useless I am right now, that I can't even go after Winter! I'm absolutely useless!" Bertha shouted.

"Dear just calm down. There is no need to worry, I think the boys will find her and bring her back. There is no need to worry." Elder James said in a sweet voice.

"Not to worry! That girl is my life, James! How could I not worry! We been together since we were young. The amount of times I had to break that fragile heart of hers when she was a child. The amount of times I said no just to protect her but in reality she was suffering from me. I can't calm down because if I lose Winter, I won't be able to forgive myself." Bertha lashed out at Elder James.

"She's going to be-"

The sound of a horse neigh in the distance caused both of them attention. They watched as a horse approached them. On that horse was Duke. Bertha quickly gets back to the stairs so she doesn't get runned over.

Duke's horse stopped sharpy in front of the stairs. Duke quickly jumps off the horse and walks up the stairs passing Bertha and James.


Dukes disappears into the building before she could ask him a question. Bertha and Elder James look at each other before looking back at the door.

After that sounds of horses came behind them causing them to look back. They saw Charlie getting off his horse and Talon sleeping on the horse. Charlie grabs Talon but loses his grip on him causing him to fall off the horse.

Talon groans and rolled around the floor. Charlie turned to look at Bertha and Elder James.

"What happened? Charlie, was it her?" Bertha asked with Elder James holding her.

"Unfortunately, a lot of the city has burned down and very few survivors were found so far. We aren't sure if everyone died in the fire or not. Fortunately it wasn't Winter's doing according to Talon but I think Duke and Talon saw her. Where's Duke?" Charlie said looking down at a drowsy Talon.

"He stormed off before we could ask him anything," Elder James said.

"I don't know what happened in that house, but something big must have happened. Both of them were unconscious when I found them. I need Duke to tell me what happened, but he keeps running away." Charlie said.

"I'll take to him," Bertha said.

"Bertha, I rather you do not do that. If he gets enraged, he could seriously hurt you." Elder James said.

"I don't care, James. I'm going to talk to him whether you like it or not."

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