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Soft and wet lips mixed with rough kisses. That taste of her cherry lip balm had spread all over Jay's face. Red-purple stains were set on each other's necks.

The tension in the room was palpable. Jay lifted Eunji up by her hips and set her down on the table in the dark room, only to touch her all over. Eunji ran her hands through his hair and gave her more hickeys on his neck. Jay whispered sweet words, which excited Eunji.

The kissing session began again. Their wet tongues swirled around each other. Jay grabbed Eunji by her hips and she grabbed him by his neck. Eunji bit her lip as Jay stroked his hands all over her body.

When Jay wanted to press his lips to Eunji's again, they were interrupted by a door opening. It was Mr. Park.

"The fuck are you guys doing?" He shouted, startling the couple. Eunji quickly jumped off the table and stood upright next to Jay, who also turned around startled. "You know I could see everything you guys were doing on the cameras here?" Mr. Park clarified. "No fucking kissing in my office!"

"We're sorry Mr. Park," Jay apologized and bent 90 degrees forward.

"We need to focus on tomorrow, the big day," Park began. "Eunji, do you have your weapons ready for everyone for tomorrow?"

Eunji nodded. "And all the papers worked out and printed and given to everyone participating in this plan. I've told exactly in them where we are, where they are and how best to deal with them."

"Good job," Park said, quite impressed with his employee's good detective work.

Jay, on the other hand, had been busy for months designing their equipment and suits they will wear to attend the wedding in disguise. He also worked with Mr. Park with a whole team on plan of action. Meanwhile, he had been secretly making out with Eunji in the cleaning pens, but no one knew about it except Mr. Park, who caught them several times.

Tomorrow, after weeks on, is finally here, the wedding of Jiwoo and Sunghoon, the day that will be fucked up by Mr. Park and his huge army behind him. Jiwoo and Sunghoon are not yet aware of what is going to happen at their wedding. Through espionage, the team has come upon the date and all other information, purely to completely ruin their wedding.

At exactly 3 o'clock, Jiwoo stands at the altar, ready to say yes to the love of her life, not knowing that Eunji is hiding somewhere to pull something and will leave everyone at that wedding traumatized.

"Are you guys ready?" Mr. Park asked while he had a grin on his face, ready for revenge on Jiwoo and hurt Sunghoon forever, even if he were no longer around.

It wouldn't hurt Mr. Park at all if his own son died. He was the one who had drafted a proposal: "Don't you ever, ever fall in love again."

And that quote always stayed with Sunghoon until Jay got a girlfriend and he fell in love with a girl himself. A girl who by accident fell on top of him, not covering that that would be the girl of his dreams.

If Sunghoon had stuck to that quote, this plan of Mr. Park's would never have occurred.

And Sunghoon, according to his father, was going to regret it.

"We're all set," Jay replied. "I even have a surprise at the end of our plan, as revenge for what Sunghoon did to me."

Eunji chuckled, who knew Jay's plan as if. "You're going to LOVE it."

Mr. Park smiled. "Thank you very much for your cooperation. If the plan goes well tomorrow, I'll pay you your money. I'll see you guys tomorrow. Good luck."

With those words, Mr. Park left the office.

The last few preparations and the team was ready.


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