[10] a dog's walk

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TW: Stalking, swearing, hints at animal abuse


I had only gone out to walk my friend's dog– but I never expected to find myself seeing this. My blood boiled in rage as I saw Nabi laying in the grass with Felix.

That bitch.

What did she think she was wearing? She was wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt— I didn't care if it was hot outside; she had to stay covered around other guys. Because she was mine. Why could 'adorable sunshine' Felix get his hands off her.

Literally, too.

The two were holding hands in the dusk as they lay there, and I had to admit that they looked cute together— and it pissed me off. I didn't care if I had only known her for a little while; my love for her was stronger than spirytus.

And I knew she loved me, too; she just didn't know yet. My temper slowly calmed down as I convinced myself that she wouldn't love anyone else but me. She could flirt and sleep with all the other guys he knew, but she would only love him, and it would leave her a whore.

After all, why would anyone except me love such an ugly and fat girl like her? She was fat, but to me she was pretty— but only I would see her like that. I was sure of it.

She's fucking mine.

I grinned maniacly to myself as I pulled out my phone and clicked a picture of her (making sure to leave Lee Fucking Felix out of the picture) and added it to my nabi <3 folder. I smiled, knowing I had something of her Felix didn't have, but I couldn't enjoy my moment because the dumb dog pulled on the leash.

"Okay, you bitch," I muttered to it as I dragged it to its owner's house. When we arrived, I nearly threw the damn thing against the door, but I decided against it. Instead, I knocked quietly and grinned at the boy when the door opened.

The tall blonde grinned at me. "Thanks for walking her," he said, reaching his arms out for the bitch as he opened his arms. The damn thing ran to him as fast as he could and pounced on him, and my competition for Nabi friend smiled at the thing.

"No problem, Jinnie" I replied, doing my best to remove the irritated look from my face. I attempted a grin again. "It was fun."

The blonde boy smiled at me once again as he stood up to close the door. "See you tomorrow?"

I nodded, and after a final wave— for damn's sake, how many times will he say bye?— the door closed on the boy, leaving him alone with his thoughts.

She may be a bitch, flirting with other guys, the short boy thought to himself on the way back home.

But at least she's my bitch.


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