Christmas Eve

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It was going to be a bit before the service started, so I decided to rewrite the Christmas card I was going to give to Jordan and make it cuter. "Why?" I remember asking myself nervously, I didn't understand why I was so nervous about seeing him, it was just like any other time.
I guess it all started when some missionaries came home to tell the church about their experience in Africa. My friend and I sat next to him during their presentation and the entire time we joked and laughed and flirted. At the end of the service I had taken his glasses as a joke and decided to take a picture, he had joined in. I guess that's when they had first started talking, but tonight seemed different. When he had gotten to where my friend Nancy and I were sitting, he had looked pleasantly surprised and asked teasingly "What are you doing in the musicians corner?" And I said "I wanted to change things up". Without asking any further questions in fear that I might leave, he sat down in between the two of us. The service had begun and while this was going on, Jordan had already began flirting with me. When he went up on stage to play the drums he'd look at me and show off that dazzling smile I couldn't help but blush every time. After the choir sang it was time for everybody to join in on Christmas caroling so he came back and say next to me. As the crowd sang, we made fun of the people off pitch and he would joking play around by singing off tune. After Christmas carols we had to light the Christmas Eve candles. I remember he kept blowing my candle out and doing everything possible to flirt with me. Nancy had just laughed at us, and it was like the whole world was gone and it was just us two. One thing I had noticed is a few of the adults sitting on the other end of the room were staring at us smiling. It was like they knew something brilliant and beautiful was about to happen. It made me smile because it was like they already thought of us as looking cute together. After the service we went down stairs, and joked even more about the most random things. But it didn't last long, Jordan went to get a drink and when he did my parents said it was time to go. So I walked over to him and said I had to go, not expecting much I was about to leave and that's when he pulled me in for a hug. Shocked, and blushing, I hug back as he wrapped his hands around my waist. So we said goodbye and I left smiling, my face flushed at the little cute things he did.
It's so funny how one night, one moment could change your life, I'm glad mine happened that night, and I'm thankful I didn't let it slip on by...

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