Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

"Mom, what's with the fuss?" I asked her with my face talking like i'm-fckin'-bored.

"Drop the tone, honey. I'm your mom, remember?" Yeah, right. She's my mom for all I care.

"You are my mom. Did i ever forget that?" 

"It feels like your not my baby Dana when you're speaking like that. You know, your tone and accent's kind of btchy?" I rolled my eyes at her. Is she really my mom? She's freakin' weird.

"Fine. I'll refrain from speaking in my btchy tone. Happy?" Then she nodded and smiled a big smile. When i say big, it is. She's crazy, man.

"Before i forgot, may i see your class card, honey?" I immediately give my class card. With a grade of 1.75, i shouldn't be ashamed, right? Haha. I know i'm conceited. It can't be helped.

"What's the verdict? Do i get to have DSLR? New car? iPad? Or what? A trip to Europe would do." I said that with a big smile on my face. I worked hard for it, i deserve a prize. Haha.

"Nah, you don't need any of those material things. I'm giving you something more essential.."

"Spill it, mom. I don't like surprises."

"You'll be working here for summer. Isn't that wonderful?" She said what? Me? Working? Here? Summer?

"You're joking, right? You can't be serious!" How about beach? And partying all night? Summer fling? Hot guys? This can't be happening!

"I'm dead serious, honey. You're a Fashion Designing student, afterall. You should be happy that i'm giving you the chance to have a taste of how it's like to be a designer." I know that but.. my summer flings..

"Can't you just get someone except me to work here for summer?" Say yes! I'm still hoping with my fingers crossed behind me.

"The answer is no. You will be working here whether you like it or not and my decision is final. Now, go to Margo and she'll be briefing you about what you will do starting tomorrow." The next thing i knew, she's gone and i'm here and talking to Margo about my "summer job." Lucky me, right?

"...... Any questions or what?" I just smiled because honestly, i wasn't paying attention to whatever she's saying.

"None. I should go."

Then i went to Kim's place. This is my worst day. I never had the chance to experience summer...

"Hey! Missed us?"

"Shut up, btch. Why are you here, Nof?" Kim's here, well, obviously because this is her house. I'm here because i hate my mom. So, why is Nof here?

"Shouldn't I be here? I'm just visiting her, duh? You, whacha doin' here?" Did i ever tell you that Nof has this weird alter ego? Haha. One minute, she's soo kind, the other minute, she's annoying the hell out of you. Weird friends? I know.

"Visiting her, too. Duh?" 

"Whatever, DK. You never visit me unless you are annoyed. Care to share?" They know me too well. Well, whatever.

"I'm having a summer job. I know, it sucks, right?" I'm doing a mental counting. At the count of five, Kim will start to laugh and tease me.






"Hahaha! Boo-hoo. Condolence. Condolence to you summer flings. Haha!" See? She is really my friend.

"Yeah. Go on and tease me, you whore." 

"Cheer-up, summer job's not that bad." See? Now she's Noffie nice.

"As if."

"Where will you be working?" 

"At my mom's."

"See? It's not as bad as you think. Makakapag bonding kayo ng mom mo.." Then her face went gloomy. Her mom died when she was 7 or 8 kaya siya nagkaron ng weird alter ego. Well, that's only my opinion.

"Wait, your mom's company will be releasing summer catalog or fashion show or whatever, right?" What's new about that Wedding catalog for June, Christmas for December and the list goes on..

"So what?"

"Duh? Summer catalog or fashion show means you get to work with hottest studs in town because they will be modelling or doing a photoshoot for your mom's creation! Nakakainggit." How come i never realize that? Stupid me.

"I never thought you actually can think!"

"I hate you!" 

"See? Told you it's not as bad as you think." Again, she's right.


After that, we watched pretty little liars and drool over Ezra Fitz. Man, if my Professor's as hot as him? I don't mind dropping out. Haha.

Then we finally called it a night by going home. Summer fling with hot models? Not bad.

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