lighting struck (not edit)

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Hanns POV

I herd the creak of a tree, lighting struck behind lilly and the next thing i knew i felt a pain around my hole body and that i was crushed under a tree. Somethings coverd my right eye it stinged at rain drops fell.

Thunder boomed and i herd lilly yell "hanna!" then everything went black.

When i woke up i herd the faint sounds of a growl and lillys words "get back!" she growled and i saw somthing infront of me. Lilly stood infront of me i looked a little past her leg and a saw a angery looking outcast.

"Hanna!" i herd a yell and saw a blury version of colts wolve tackle the out cast away.

I smiled a bit as i thought

He came

The voices of colt and other people surrounded me. I was being lifted off the ground by colt. he whisperd in my ear "i got you,dont worry everythings okay" he told me.

I felt the bond of us strengthen as he held me in his arms and walked back to his pack.

His strong arms carried me making me forget what happen before the storm.

Then as i was pulled away from colt the worrys and thoughts came back,

To bad I wont ever feel that again

Sorry this is really short but two updated coming up

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