chapter twenty five

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25 x just being a super hero


[ A Few Weeks Later ]

Pietro and I had just finished training with Vision and Wanda (who were now officially a couple, despite Pietro's frequent eye rolls).

I bumped his shoulder with my own, shoving my bangs out of my face as I looked up at him with a happy smile. "So . . . we're having date night tonight, right?" I asked him, arching my brows, eyes bright.

He was still adorable to me; white shaggy hair, eyes ever-excited, still jittery as ever. It was endearing to me, and I found it hard not to enjoy his presence. Sure, he could get on my nerves . . . but it didn't last long. He nodded in answer, a smile on his own lips. "Last I checked. You wanted ice cream, no?"

"Ice cream is good," I agreed with a rapid nod, finishing off a water bottle I'd grabbed as we left the room. "Are we going soon, or . . ."

"What is your rush?" he asked me teasingly, as though he wasn't always eager to get out the door of the Tower and head off on some new adventure. Quicksilver was a name that suited him well, and I frequently would use said alias in jest now when we teased each other. "You getting cabin fever?"

I laughed at that, shaking my head as I tossed my water bottle over to the nearest recycling bin. "I don't think that's possible with how much we go out now," I pointed out.

"I'm sorry, was that complaining I heard?" He narrowed his eyes, tilting his head as he looked at me, a teasing smirk lifting his lips. "And here I thought you enjoyed our outings . . . I mean, if you do not-"

"Oh, don't play hard to get," I scoffed, smacking his shoulder before turning and heading out of the training room, more than confident that he would follow.

We passed Bucky and Natasha on our way out. Bucky nodded at me and winked, as Natasha asked, "How'd it go, kids?"

"I think we tied," I informed her before looking pointedly between she and Bucky. "Take him down, would ya? He played dirty in our last hand-to-hand session."

Bucky snorted passively. "There is not such thing as dirty in hand-to-hand, Meg."

Natasha rolled her eyes at that before winking at me. She didn't answer verbally, but she didn't have to - I got a feeling Bucky'd have a few more bruises than he'd be willing to admit to later.

Girls have to stick together, after all.

Bucky and Natasha had just disappeared into the training room, while Pietro turned to me (no doubt to further continue our playful argument) when JARVIS's voice came over the speakers.

"Avengers," his accented voice said crisply, "I'm afraid the Facility has caught wind of a threat in Manhattan that needs immediately handling. A mad-man with radioactive powers appears to be destroying the city, and recking general havoc."

Pietro and I both had looked up at the ceiling as JARVIS spoke, and we now exchanged a fast look of mixed excitement and apprehension.

"Guess we're going to miss our date," Pietro mused before JARVIS continued.

"Captain Rogers has requested you all head out in uniform within the next ten minutes," JARVIS said. "Good luck, Avengers."

I grinned unashamedly at Pietro. "It's still pretty cool that I'm an Avenger though, right?"

Pietro rolled his eyes slightly at that, but he wasn't able to mask his smile. "You know, you say that every time, and we've handled five different situations such as this one?"

"Yeah, but it's cool," I persisted as Natasha and Bucky left the training room.

"Guess training's on pause," Nat noted.

"As if this won't be like an exercise," Bucky chuckled. "C'mon, kiddos, time for us to go assemble. Don't want to keep the Captain waiting."

I looked to Pietro. "I need to suit up," I pointed out.

He sighed in feigned exasperation, pausing only to look to the two assassins. "We will be there soon," he promised before I was suddenly off my feet, and we were moving faster than I could comprehend.

I'd gotten much more used to Pietro's super-speed at that point, and it took me no time to recover when he put me down in my room. "Ten seconds," I promised him, pecking his cheek.

"Oh, you think I was going to wait for you?" he grinned mischievously at me, a familiar glimmer in his eyes that signified trouble. "I'll meet you on the floor, Meg," he laughed before he was gone.

I probably changed faster than ten seconds, in all honesty, and I was plunging through the floors of the Tower as quickly as I could. I landed just in front of the doors, just in time to join Steve and Sam in exiting the building.

Just in time to hear Steve shout, "Avengers, assemble!" before a huge glob of something green went rocketing past all of us into a building, barely missing several civilian's heads.

I was already up in the air, a satisfied smirk in place on my lips.



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