Chapter Twenty-Seven

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Paisley's Point of View

I trailed behind him as he bursted through the front door of my mothers house, with blood dripping from his face my mother sat in the lounge, watching The Big Bang theory as Orin came rushing in.

"Orin!" She gasped pulling her hand to her mouth. "What happened?"

"Ask your slut daughter." He growled with power and pulled out a cigarette, lit it up and began to puff on it.

"Orin do not call your sister a slut!" My mother yelled with curious eyes as she quickly walked over to retrieve a cloth for Orin's open wounds.

"Well I was right Anita!...and she is a slut, once you fuck a manwhore you're automatically a slut." He screamed.

"Stop calling me a fucking slut!" I yelled in return as I carried myself fiercely towards him and slapped him across his face, he then wiggled his jaw and continued to puff on his cigarette as if he didn't feel a thing. "I'm still a virgin you asshole, I never slept with him!" I screamed.

"Not only are you a slut, you're a liar too, there's no way that manwhore would keep you around for this long unless you're giving him sex."

"You know, what you're disgusting! And I fucking hate you Orin! I hate you!" I cried as I rushed up the staircase.

"Well be prepared to hate me even more. Pack your shit, we're going home!"

"Summer isn't even over yet!" I screamed from the top of the staircase.

"I don't give a shit! Pack your stuff Paisley Charles! We're leaving tonight and that's final!" I heard him say as I slammed the door of my bedroom shut. I felt myself burst into tears and all I wanted was Stephan's arms around me, holding me telling me that it will all be okay. I wanted him here. I wanted him with me so badly, I stared down at his watch that I still had on my wrist while more tears came flowing from my eyes, like a waterfall, gushing down with force.

I cuddled my Nemo plush toy as I laid my head down on my bed but the tears wouldn't stop falling from my eyes. I became tired of crying, tried of overthinking and just tired in general. So I shut my eyes hoping my dreams would be better than reality.

"Sweetie." I heard a voice wake me while gentle hands touched my face. I opened my puffy eyes to see my mother sitting beside me on my bed.

"Yes mom?" I mumbled as I wiped my eyes and then unlocked my phone to see the time. 8pm and about twenty missed calls and a few texts from Stephan.

"I think you and I need to have a conversation." She smiled as I rubbed my puff eyes.

"Okay." I sat up straight, brought my knees to my chin and wrapped my arms around my legs.

Her blonde hair, for the first time in a long time, looked glossy and perfect and her eyes reminded me of Orin so I couldn't stand to stare at them any longer.

"Honey, let's start with Stephan. There are a lot of things you should know about him." She paused as she reached for my hand. "Like when he moved into the house next door, he moved in with a pregnant girl. Paisley he has a baby." She said as she inhaled deeply as if I wasn't aware of this story. "I haven't seen his baby or the mother in a long time and after a while Stephan began to drink a lot and he would bring different girls home almost every night.

Sweetheart what I'm trying to say is...that maybe Orin's right, Stephan isn't the guy for you. He's not the guy I want for my daughter. I want you to have a good man that puts you first, that's cares about you and treats you like a little princess." She smiled as she tucked my hair behind me ears.

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