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Y/N and Naruto are both younger children in this chapter.

The first meeting

Y/N sat at a desk in her room with a white tank top on and some jean shorts. She swung both of her tiny little legs back and forth as she stared down at a paper with math equations far too advanced for someone her age. She struggled trying to figure out the problems in front of her. 

"Uhm..." She said in a confused tone. Her childlike voice echoing through her practically empty room. She had nothing but a bed and a wardrobe in her room, with a bunch of educational posters all over her walls. Her father stood behind her and watched as she struggled to figure out what she was supposed to write. He flicked the back of her neck, she winced in pain and her eyes began to well up with tears. 

"Think smarter, not harder." He spoke to her in such a harsh tone, you wouldn't have thought that he was even her father. Y/N jumped out of her seat and stared up at her father angrily as she rubbed the back of her neck. "You figure it out! I'm leaving!" Y/N began to storm off, her little feet stomped against the hard wood floor beneath her. Her father was a bit taken aback but this wasn't the first time she disobeyed him. He grabbed her by the wrist and started to drag her back to her seat. He picked her up and sat her back in her seat. 

But Y/N just popped right back up, he grabbed her shoulder to make her sit down but Y/N bit down on his hand and took off running. "I don't care if I get a spankin' when I come back either!" She shouted as she ran out of her home into a nearby forest. Her father let out a deep groan and leaned against the wall as he watched her run off. "She'll never learn.." He said as he let out a  deep sigh.

Y/N found herself waddling through a creek trying to catch small fish. She had her eyes locked onto a large catfish, it was almost bigger than her. Right when she jumped to grab it, she collided heads with someone, she grabbed her forehead and cried out in pain. 

"Ouch..." She cried as tears began to fall down her cheeks. 

"Oh no! A-Are you okay?!" Y/N opened her eyes and saw a panicked blonde haired boy, he held his hand out to help her up, she grabbed his hand and stood up but continued to cry out. "Jeez would ya stop crying?! I hurt my head too!" The boy shouted at her as he rubbed his forehead. Y/N paused her crying for a moment but then continued as he shouted at her. "Do you want some popsicles?" He grabbed her hand and began to drag her out of the creek and towards Konoha.

Y/N followed the boy, popsicles had peaked her interest. As they walked the boy spoke, "My name is Naruto Uzumaki...tell me your name." Y/N didn't respond, she was unsure why, but this boy made her feel a bit shy. "Fine, won't tell me your name....I'll just call you crybaby since you like to cry so much." Naruto let out a sharp laugh and Y/N frowned. "I am not a crybaby..." She said angrily, puffing up her cheeks and walking ahead of him. After a bit of walking they finally got to their destination.

Naruto gave her a slight smile before running up to an ice cream stand. Y/N stood closely behind him, she watched as Naruto argued with the man runnning the ice cream stand. "Hey look at that guy!!! He's running around naked!" Naruto shouted, Y/N turned her head quickly but she was soon being dragged off by Naruto. He had two popsicles in hand and the ice cream man was suddenly chasing them. Y/N and Naruto ran as fast as they could back into the creek, they lost the ice cream man and laid next to a nearby stream trying to catch their breath.

"Phew! That guy was fast!" Naruto tossed Y/N a popsicle then opened his own, almost downing the whole thing. "W-We just stole!" Y/N shouted, she was a bit scared but also exhilarated. "I'll pay him back later." Naruto said as he stared at Y/N, he got a real good look at her. "You're real cute ya know?" He said as he rubbed his forehead, it still hurt quite a bit from earlier. Y/N felt herself beginning to blush as he said that, she hid her smile from him. "The...Sun is setting. I gotta get home or my daddy is gonna spank me." Y/N said as she began to walk away. 

Naruto watched as she walked off. "Since I got you that popsicle, can I request something in return?" He said with a cheeky grin, Y/N turned back to him and gave him her full attention. "Gimme a kiss on the forehead! Might make me feel a bit better!" Naruto gave her a teasing grin, Y/N puffed up her cheeks and threw her popsicle at the center of his forehead before storming off. She had a wide smile across her face as she began to walk home...this boy sure was something. 

"The next time I see ya, I'll get ya more popsicles!" Naruto shouted as she walked off. 

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