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princejinnie walking a girl home 🦋 @ur.baeby.butterfly 


minhoney_ i want photo credits jotgifn
     ↳ princejinnie fine
     ↳ princejinnie photo credits to the annoying @minhoney_ 
     ↳ minhoney_ @princejinnie thanks 😁

christiano_bangaldo where was I when this was taken??
     ↳ minhoney_ i think ur fanclub stole u 💀
     ↳ christiano_bangaldo @minhoney_ oh. this was then. 
     ↳ ur.baeby.butterfly @christiano_bangaldo u left me with these crackheads ;-;
     ↳ princejinnie @ur.baeby.butterfly c'mon babe yk u love me 😘
     ↳ ur.baeby.butterfly @princejinnie in ur dreams 😏
     ↳ christiano_bangaldo why am i thirdwheeling in my own comment wtf 
     ↳ minhoney_ @christiano_bangaldo and I'm fourthwheeling the love triangle 

princess_pi what abt me, babes?
     ↳ minhoney_ bold of u to assume he knows who u are
     ↳ princejinnie @minhoney_ fr tho 💀 who even are u @princess_pi

i_like_darkeu do u not remember what i said
     ↳ babybread_inc what did u say
     ↳ i_like_darkeu @babybread_inc very funny, i meant to hyunjin 
     ↳ ur.baeby.butterfly ???

seung_mo cute pic, bet it'd look better with me in it tho 
     ↳ christiano_bangaldo nah bro
     ↳ seung_mo @christiano_bangaldo says the one who's half 36 (old alert!)
     ↳ princejinnie @seung_mo LMAO BRO R U REALLY GONNA TAKE THAT???
     ↳ christiano_bangaldo @seung_mo u. me. after school.
     ↳ ur.baeby.butterfly @christiano_bangaldo c'mon now, violence isn't the answer
     ↳ minhoney_ @ur.baeby.butterfly ur right, it's the question, and the answer is yes 

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