[24] think about my proposal, alright?

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Hyunjin's POV

"Yo, Hwang, is that your girlfriend?" Coach asked, and I looked to where he was pointing to see a pretty girl in a white t-shirt and jeans. That's when I realized it was my pretty girl in a white t-shirt and jeans; although that wasn't what she was wearing when we slept together earlier.

Shit, that sounds wrong.

I waved to her, yelling, "Hey, Bae!"

I saw her grinning as she yelled back, "Hey, Hwang!"

I glanced back at Coach. "Can I take a take real quick?"

He hummed in response before yelling at the other boys to do another 10 laps around the court. I laughed under my breath when I made eye contact with Minho while he started his laps, but not before flipping me off. I stuck my tongue out at him and walked off court with a water bottle.

"Hi, Jinnie," Nabi smiled at me, and my heart skipped a beat at her cuteness. Sure, a lot of people called me that, but the way she said it... it just hit different.

I grinned back and took a sip of water before saying, "Hey, babe. Didn't think you'd come."

Nabi's cheeks turned a bright shade of red. "Stop calling me that. People are going to think we're dating."

"There's nothing wrong with that, is there now?" I replied. Where did I get this sudden boost of confidence from?

Nabi blushed again before she seemed to remember something. "Oh— by the way. What did you mean earlier? When you were texting me?"

Confused, I asked, "What do you mean?"

"What you were going to tell me tomorrow?"

Oh. I felt a sinking sensation in my stomach, as though a rock was being thrown to the bottom. "Let's talk about that tomorrow, alright? That way I get to hang out with you again," I smirked, trying to cover up my uneasiness.

She was about to say something when coach interrupted her, saying, "Yo, Hwang, get back on the court! Hang out with your girlfriend later!"

Nabi's eyes widened at what he said, but all I did was turn around before blowing her a kiss. "Gotta run, babe. Cheer for me, yeah?" I jogged back to the court with a grin on my face, and I saw my girl walking over to the benches from the corner of my eye.

As I joined the boys in their laps next to Minho, I heard him laugh, "You're whipped for her, aren't you?"

I didn't respond, but I knew the answer.

I am, in fact, whipped.

Nabi's POV

I smiled to myself as I saw the boys running around the court while their coach yelled some random basketball stuff I didn't get. That's when I noticed that Hyunjin and Minho weren't the only people I knew on the team...

My eyes strayed from Hyunjin and landed on a boy in all black. He was sitting in a corner with some water, probably taking a break. Suddenly, I made eye contact with him and I realized who it was.


He looked towards me and we made eye contact and he gave me a bittersweet smile. Is he mad at me? I thought to myself, unsure why he was so moody. He got up and continued playing basketball with the boys, and I found myself cheering for them... although I'm pretty sure I said Hyunjin's name more often than the others.

After what could have been minutes or hours, the boys' practice finally seemed to end. I got up and ran towards Hyunjin, and it was only then I realized that the sun had set, and it was almost completely dark outside.

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