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minhoney_ we ended up burning it and @go_quokka dropped the bowl. next time, remind me to cook alone. 


go_quokka c'mon it wasn't THAT bad
     ↳ minhoney_ the pancakes were scorched black and had too much butter.
     ↳ brownieboy too much BUTTAH
     ↳ minhoney_ @brownieboy LITERALLY THO

brownieboy this is why you leave the baking to the experts 💪
     ↳ go_quokka shut up lix
     ↳ brownieboy @go_quokka HEY WHAT DID I DO
     ↳ babybread_inc @go_quokka YEAH WHAT DID HE DO
     ↳ go_quokka @christiano_bangaldo help me hyung they're bullying me
     ↳ christiano_bangaldo @go_quokka ...

ur.baeby.butterfly are u sure that's what you were doing in there? 😏🤨
     ↳ minhoney_ YES
     ↳ go_quokka YES
     ↳ itz.lia @minhoney_ @go_quokka then what were u doing to make them burn, hmm?
     ↳ minhoney_ @idontknowhowtomakeeggs.aka.mark first off, why is ur user so long bruh? second off, TELL UR FRICKING GF AND COUSIN TO STOP BEING SO ANNOYING
     ↳ idontknowhottomakeeggs.aka.mark @minhoney_ first off, it's bc i'm not like the other boys 💅😜 second off, YOU GO GUYS @itz.lia @ur.baeby.butterfly POP OFF QUEENIES 😜
     ↳ itz.lia @idontknowhowtomakeeggs.aka.mark bro i will break up with ur eggless ass if u keep texting like that
     ↳ queen.hwangyeji @itz.lia YOU SLAY QUEEN 
     ↳ itz.lia @queen.hwangyeji TY GIRLY <3

jungkookoppasbananamilk unlike him, *i* can cook, so date me!
     ↳ minhoney_ i'm already a cook, so i don't need anyone doing it for me. thanks!

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