Step Brother x reader

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Requested to me, also felt really uncomfortable while writing this. 😭
Might work on my original plan for this chapter.
⚠️Trigger warnings⚠️
Yandere stuff,
fat shaming,
treated like a little girl,
implied Parental abuse,
Mild yandere

THIS ONE IS MESSED UP READ AT YOUR OWN RISK I PUT WARNINGS FOR A REASON!! ⚠️Trigger warnings⚠️Yandere stuff, SA,Abuse, Spanking,fat shaming,treated like a little girl,implied Parental abuse,Mild yandere

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I've known Brody for a few years, and ever since I met him he's always been a little odd. Now don't get me wrong he's a great guy and sweet, but I always feel like there is something wrong with him, like, he's never letting me out after dark, never letting me hang out with friends outside of school, especially guys, everything I wear has to be approved by him, and more like WAY MORE. I have no personal space.

"Y/n, have you seen my-" Brody started but cut himself off when he walked into my room and saw me half naked. "Uhh can you please get out I'm trying to change."

"Uh yeah... sure." He said while closing my door.

As I said no personal space.

"Okay, you can come in now," I said while walking over to my bed. "I'm dressed."

"Okay, so, have you seen my shirt?" He asked as he sat on my bed, right beside me with no shirt on.

How did I not notice that he wasn't wherein one before?

And why is he always doing this?

"No, I haven't," I said as I lay down. "If that's all you wanted to ask then you can leave now."

"Hey, uh... they're coming home." He said as he got up to leave my room.

"Okay..." I said so quietly that I didn't even think he heard me.

One thing I didn't mention was that Brody's dad was violent and after some time my already neglectful mother soon joined him in the abuse. Brody always fought but I never did. Nothing good ever comes out of fighting back.

Soon I heard the door slam and I knew that they were home, they had gone on a cruise, so that meant that Brody and I were left alone in the house for a few weeks. I sighed as I heard Gavin yell at Brody for not having a shirt on.

"OH, I'M SORRY THAT I'M NOT OLD, FAT, OR UGLY LIKE YOU!" I heard Brody yell out of nowhere.

Oh no this is not going to end well.

{<~~~Time Skip~~~>}

I went to the kitchen because I got hungry, like a normal human and everyone was in the kitchen.


"What the hell are you doing in here?" Brody's dad asked me.

"I got hungry," I said quietly. "The only reason I leave my room."

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