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Luciana Pov:

It could be clearly seen on Lorenzo's beet red face that he was enraged.

"It is too dangerous for you to go on a date", He roared while pointing his finger at me.

"You do not get to tell me what is dangerous and what isn't", I screamed back at him.

"Luciana, there are people looking for you... people who want to kill you."

"You think I don't fucking know that? Besides, I don't give a fuck if John Wick is trying to kill me", I stood up from the sofa and went towards him, getting in his face.

"You are not going", He gritted through his teeth.

I scoffed, "And you think I am going to listen to you. Your ego is getting the better of you Lorenzo."

I froze instantly when I felt it. His fist made contact with the side of my face, making my head turn to the side. It wasn't that it hurt, it's the fact that he thinks punching me will stop me from going.

"You bastard", I muttered.

I threw myself at him, slamming the both of us into the wall then we fell onto the floor. He was trying to push me off of him while, Alessio was trying to pull us apart.

I started slamming my fist into any part of him that I could. My knuckles were throbbing as i wasn't keeping my hand in the correct shape.

"You do not get to lay your hands on me", I screamed. I let my anger get the better of me when I started throwing punches even harder than before.

Alessio finally pried me off of him, and I smirked when I finally saw my glorious work of art. His lip was busted, and a very visible black eye was forming on his face.

"You're a fucking psychopath", he spat while wiping the blood from his lip.

"Lorenzo what the fuck is wrong with you", Alessio roared, making me freeze for a moment.

That was the first time I had ever heard him raise his voice at anyone... it was quite terrifying. 

"Like you've got any room to talk", Lorenzo stated while glaring at Alessio.

"Get the fuck out before I let go of her and she hurts you even more", Alessio demanded.

Lorenzo rolled his eyes before storming out of my apartment. Once he was gone, Alessio let go of the hold he had on me.  I took a few seconds to breath then, I went over to my kitchen cabinet, and took out a small tin box. I knew I needed to calm down soon before Alessio was the outlet of my anger.

With shaking hands, I opened the box, taking the joint and lighter out. I put it between my lips and lit it, inhaling the intoxicating fumes.

After taking two hits I took it from my lips and held it towards Alessio.

"Want some?", I offered.

"I was hoping you would ask", He sighed before taking the joint from me and taking a few hits.

Once I felt myself relax some I slouched lazily on the couch. Alessio joined me after he took a few hits himself.

"They're all a bunch of assholes in their own special way", I sighed, letting my mind speak freely.

"Even Marcello?", Alessio asked while handing me the joint.

"He leaves the toilet seat up", I shook my head while inhaling the smoke.

"What a damn asshole."

"I know. My life was much better before they all invaded it again."

"You can't mean that", Alessio asked, sympathy was clear in his voice.

"I had just recently stopped having nightmares about that night when mam- she died", I explained," Then when I made that simple mistake my entire life started to crumble around me, and there's nothing I can do but watch from the sidelines."

"Well on the plus side, if they had not invaded then we wouldn't be here together, smoking weed", Alessio added, trying to lighten the situation

"I guess you're right...", I sighed.

We sat on my sofa for a bit, having random conversation. We smoked the rest of the joint and I put it out in the ashtray on the cluttered coffee table. For some reason after I almost blurted about mama, I couldn't get her out of my mind.

I recalled in my mind about a particular possession I needed to get rid of.

I stood up from the sofa and opened my crammed closet. I pulled out a cardboard box that was basically falling apart. My entire being was screaming at me not to open it. I struggled to open it even a little bit.

I decided not to open it. I closed it completely, sealing the hidden memories inside once again. I picked it up and placed it in Alessio's lap.

"Give that to Lorenzo for me, okay?", I instructed him.

"Why do I have to give it to him?", He asked while he started to open it himself.

"Don't fucking open it."

He put his hands up in defense, "Sorry my bad."

"I can't go back to that house", I blurted out.

"Sure, you can. Nothing is stopping you", He nervously stated.

"The memories... the dreadful memories are stopping me like a barrier.", I sighed," Besides, I beat up Lorenzo."

"He deserved it-"

I interrupted," I gave him a black eye and busted his lip. Who knows what else would have happened if you didn't drag me off of him." My voice was cracking with emotions.

"Luciana, don't beat yourself up over it... everyone wants to kick Lorenzo's ass. I'm jealous you beat me to the punch", Alessio was trying so hard to brighten the mood.

"No... you don't understand. I have so much pent-up emotions that I just pushed to the side. I need more time to forgive them... all of them", I explained, tears were threatening to spill from my eyes.

"You're not talking about leaving, are you?", He frantically asked.

"I have to do it before I hurt someone again."

Alessio jumped up from the sofa and pulled me into a warm embrace, "I understand you need to leave. But I can't let you just run away."


"Shut up", He interrupted, hugging me even tighter like I would dissapear any second, " You keep my number saved. And you wait until after this date."

"It's just a stupid date..."

"No, it's not a stupid date. I saw that light in your eyes. Whoever it is, they make you happy. It's obvious"

"She does make me happy... even if I haven't known her for long", I explained before laughing," I literally met her two days ago."

"Love at first sight."

I pulled away from his hug, "Alessio, I don't believe in fairy tales."

"Well, I do. If you want me to give that super special box to Lorenzo, you'll go on that date."

I nodded my head, giving in to his terms.


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