Chapter Twenty-Nine

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Paisley's Point of View

"Liv! I told you not to follow him! I'm going to freaken kill you!" I yelled as she chuckled loudly while her body spread all over my bed and her glossy hair surrounded her head while she laid as if she was a supermodel.

"You miss him, so I don't see the problem!?" She smiled throwing her hands in the air.

"God, I need to unfollow him ASAP! I can't believe you did this!" I grinned as I combed my fingers through my hair and rolled my eyes back while she continued to giggle. Liv had decided to follow Stephan from my Instagram, she had asked if she could and when I had said "hell no!" she did it anyway.

"No! don't!" She yelled, forcing her body up and leaped from my bed and then we began to play fight.

"Olivia!" I laughed as she ran after me and snatched the phone from my hand. "Give it! Come on, this isn't funny!" I giggled as I bolted after her and then my phone vibrated in her hand causing the screen to light up almost instantly. My heart pounded in my ears.

We both paused on the spot. She was standing straight up on top of my mattress, wearing wooly socks with mini black cats all over them while holding my phone in the air and I was standing at the edge of my bed about to climb on top of it and ram her down but the sudden vibration had changed the whole atmosphere.

"Please don't tell me that's Instagram." I said as my heart thudded in my chest and then my bedroom door flew open causing me to hop in surprise.

"Are you girls okay?" My dad asked with a worried look on his face, he wore his reading glasses and warm navy blue jersey. "I heard noises and screaming." He said searching the room with his eyes, scanning for any danger as he stood in the door frame.

"Yes dad, we're fine. I love you! Get out." I said pushing him out and then kissed his cheek before slamming the door shut.

"Liv!" I said staring at her with wide eyes as she unlocked my phone. God I was dreading it, next time I'll know better than to leave my phone around Cupid Olivia.

"He liked a picture." She paused "oh my god it's a picture of you and Nate!" She screamed.

"Oh. My. God!" I said crashing onto my bed with my hands covering my face. God now he knows about Nate! What if he decides to give up on me and move on because now he had automatically believed that that was exactly what I was in the process of doing. Okay it does kinda seem like I'm moving on but honestly I didn't at all and I don't want him to think that. Gosh! I care about this boy so much it's driving me insane.

"He's so jealous!" She laughed. "This is good Pais at least you know that he's got the feels!" She spoke as she crashed down next to me and then things became serious as I sat upright with my legs crossed while the room light shone brightly inside of my bedroom, making it seem as if it was still daylight.

"Liv?" I sighed as my weak eyes stared at her and then she sat up straight because she new something had bothered me.


"Olivia," I paused. "I'm...I'm in love with him." I said with a sad smile as I looked up at her and then she wrapped her arms around me. "I love Stephan, Liv." I whispered.

"I know you do. And Pais, I'm sure he feels the same." She smiled small as she rubbed my back.

"I wish things were less complicated." I said and then she unwrapped her arms from around me so she could face me.

"Still haven't spoken to Orin?"

"Nope, I mean...I do speak to him but only when I have to." I replied. "Sometimes he tries talking to me about random stuff and I know it's because he misses me." I sighed. "But I'm just not ready to forgive him for acting the way he did."

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