[40] the end

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A/N: The song "Memories" is originally written by Maroon 5; no copyright intended! Also, I know that Hyunjin doesn't play the guitar, but bear with me and pretend for the sake of the story.


Nabi's POV; One month later

"I met Chan two months ago," I said into the mic, my black dress flowing in the wind as I looked around at the crowd around me. "He was the first senior who introduced themselves to me. He invited me to lunch that day and we went to the karaoke with his friends and mine after school."

I took a deep breath. "It was thanks to him that I am no longer the outcasted girl I used to be." A tear slipped out of my eye, but yet, I continued. "Chan helped me learn what friendship was. He helped me learn was compassion was. And I will never forget him." 

I looked around the crowd again, knowing it barely counted as a crowd. Chan's father passed out (probably because he drank) near the back, and Minho, Changbin, Jisung, Felix, Seungmin, Jeongin, Mark, and Lia were sitting in the front row. There were a few others there, but the venue was almost empty. 

"I think I had expected more people to show up today," I stated. "But then again, I know Chan would have been satisfied with knowing who was already here. He told me that it was better to celebrate with the few people who care about you rather than the whole world." Another tear slipped out of my eye, and I felt Hyunjin's arm wrap around my waist, stabilizing me. Leaning against him slightly for support, I continued. 

"Before he chose to leave Earth to live in heaven— and no doubt he is in heaven— Chan requested that I go through his phone and send all his drafted emails and texts. I didn't want to, but I honoured his last request and did as he asked. That's why you all got a text from Chan this morning. The message Chan had drafted to me had audio links attached to it. When I listened to them this morning, I found out that they were songs that he had produced. Songs that he was too scared to release to the world. There was a message, too. He asked me to sing, at his funeral and not spend hours lecturing like our history professors." 

Some people laughed sadly and my voice shook. I felt Hyujin's arm around me tighten. "And so, as the final speaker at his funeral, I chose to present a song that Chan wrote. The very last song he produced before he made the choice to go to the stars."

I took a deep breath and glanced at Hyunjin. He nodded his head slightly, his eyes watery, as his hand left my waist and he walked over to the side of the stage. He picked up his guitar, and once he adjusted the strap around his neck, I spoke into the mic again. 

"I present to you: 'Memories' by Bang Christopher Chan, my first new friend and one of my favourite stars in the sky." 

Hyunjin started to play the guitar, the melancholy tune dancing through the graveyard. I could see that he was crying, too, just like me. But it's okay. We were going to be okay. I opened my mouth, letting the sad lyric of the song flow out of my mouth and dance gracefully alongside the music. 

"Here's to the ones that we've got." 

I'll never take anyone for granted again.

"Cheers to the wish to be here, but you're not." 

I miss you, Aera and Chan.

"'Cause the drinks bring back all the memories, of everything we've been through." 

I remember drinking with you, Chan. I remember how you laughed, how your dimples shone when you smiled. 

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